AMCT Diploma in Treasury

Key facts

How you study

Online distance learning with tutor support

CertICM includes printed manual & 5-day tuition school


Composed of 4 certificates:

2 compulsory (Fin and ITM)
2 electives (from ICM, RM, CFF, FMM)

Duration & study time

18-24 months in total

Each certificate is 6 months


Each certificate by exam

Enrolment route

Enrol on a certificate(s) and select AMCT Diploma route


Start Apr, exam in Oct

Enrolment deadlines

15 Mar: Oct exam sitting


Certificates are individually priced

Internationally recognised, benchmark qualification. The broadest and deepest treasury qualification, offered by the profession, for the profession

Gain expertise in the essential topics within treasury, risk and corporate finance and speak the common technical language of treasury. Advance your career with practical expertise and an in-depth understanding of the wider context of treasury, making you more attractive to employers as a diverse finance specialist.

Is this qualification for you?

AMCT will deliver on your career needs and goals if you:

  • Have responsibility for corporate treasury – either exclusively or as part of a broader financial remit.
  • Want to advance your treasury career and need to consolidate your knowledge and experience with a qualification that demonstrates your dedication and expertise.
  • Are an accountant looking to advance to more strategic roles and need to enhance your financial skill set.
  • Are a banker or relationship manager who needs to understand the requirements of your corporate clients in order to advise them more effectively.
  • Are a financial analyst who wants to develop your career in corporate finance, risk management and specialist treasury activities.

Why take this qualification?

  • Bolster your career development with an extensive financial knowledge base and skill set that enables you to drive your business forward.
  • Enhance your career with the benchmark professional qualification from the leading provider of international treasury education.
  • Be eligible to become an Associate member of the ACT which offers continuous professional development and networking opportunities for AMCT Diploma holders.

What will you learn?

  • Use the tools and techniques of treasury management.
  • Understand the role of finance and treasury in a company.
  • Understand and interpret the value of accountancy and tax as well as the more complex treasury areas of corporate finance and risk management.
  • Apply treasury knowledge and understanding to real world scenarios.
  • Analyse treasury-specific information.
  • General treasury knowledge reinforced with specialist knowledge in areas of treasury or corporate finance of particular relevance to you.



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