Certificate in Financial Maths and Modelling (CertFMM)

Key facts

How you study

Online distance learning with dedicated tutor support


6 study units

Duration & study time

6 months; 200 study hours


Written exam (3 hrs)

Enrolment routes

Enrol as a standalone cert
Enrol as part of AMCT

Upcoming intakes

Start Apr 15: Exam 7 Oct 15

Enrolment deadlines

15 Mar: Oct exam sitting


Standalone certificate: £1320+VAT

Part of AMCT Diploma: £1190+VAT

Understand how instruments are valued and develop modelling techniques

With a highly practical emphasis, CertFMM delivers the quantitative tools used in financial modelling to investigate and thoroughly understand complex products and concepts regularly used by corporate treasuries. Practical expertise is underpinned by conceptual analysis, providing you with an understanding of the assumptions, applications and limitations of modelling used in strategic decision making.

Is this qualification for you?

CertFMM will deliver on your career needs and goals if you:

  • Need to understand the theory behind the structure of financial products in order to understand how such instruments are valued.
  • Are responsible for structuring a risk response portfolio, either as a treasury manager or adviser.
  • Need to be able to independently value your portfolio of treasury instruments.

Why take this qualification?

  • Master the practical modelling of real life financial challenges and opportunities.
  • Enhance your career with a certified professional qualification from the leading provider of international treasury education.

What will you learn?

  • Develop and use spreadsheet models to explain financial relationships to non-specialist colleagues and clients.
  • Understand the underlying modelling assumptions behind strategic decision making.
  • Explain how portfolios can be measured in terms of risk and the limitations of those measures.
  • Value a wide range of financial instruments.
  • Understand and apply Value at Risk models to business situations.
  • Understand and explain financial instruments, financial risk and corporate value and the relationship between them.
  • Master alternate methods of valuation of options and be confident selecting appropriate options structures for financial risk management.

Take your first step to becoming a qualified treasurer by enrolling on CertFMM as a standalone certificate or as part of AMCT Diploma.



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