Certificate in International Cash Management (CertICM)

Key facts

How you study

Distance learning & 5-day compulsory tuition school


6 study units; tuition school

Duration & study time

6 months; 200 study hours


Written exam (3 hrs)

Tuition school

See the Tuition school for details.

Enrolment routes

Enrol as a standalone Cert
Enrol as part of AMCT

Upcoming intakes

Start Apr 15: Exam 7 Oct 15

Enrolment deadlines

15 Mar: Oct exam sitting
15 Sep: Apr exam sitting

The UK tuition school is now fully booked. A second school will be held, subject to sufficient interest. To join a waiting list, please email Edie Fairservice


UK school:
Optional accommodation fee:

Singapore school:

Hong Kong school:

South Africa school:

Dubai school:

*Includes local taxes

The definitive qualification in cash management for both corporate and financial institutions from a global perspective

CertICM provides cash managers with the skills necessary to implement cash management solutions at local and global levels to release cash for use by the organisation. CertICM is also invaluable for bankers who develop and deliver cash management solutions for their clients by providing first hand examples of the priorities and challenges faced by a corporate.

Widely recognised by major banks and corporates alike, CertICM provides significant insights into all aspects of global cash management, enabling you to deliver results for your organisation. The compulsory 5-day tuition school gives a unique opportunity to swap experiences and build relationships not only with corporate peers, but also with sell-side professionals.

Is this qualification for you?

CertICM will deliver on your career needs and goals if you:

  • Are a cash manager in a corporate who wants to demonstrate your expertise and dedication with a globally recognised qualification.
  • Recently moved into a cash management role (or would like to), either within corporate treasury or as part of a general finance remit.
  • Want to expand your understanding of how cash management works at an international level.
  • Are a banker or a consultant who needs to understand international cash management from the perspective of the corporate in order to advise clients more effectively.

Why take this qualification?

  • Deliver financial benefits to your organisation with your mastery of international cash management
  • Practical focus improves your performance from day one.
  • Establish a cash management professional network to use for the rest of your career.
  • Enhance your career with a certified professional qualification from the leading provider of international treasury education.
  • Be eligible to become an Affiliate member of the ACT, which offers continuous professional development and networking opportunities for Certificate holders.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the importance of international cash management from both a corporate and banking perspective.
  • Confidently deal with international cash management issues.
  • Add real value when selecting, implementing and negotiating cash management arrangements by being able to identify the optimal solution for your organisation.

Take your first step to becoming a qualified treasurer by enrolling on CertICM as a standalone Certificate or as part of AMCT Diploma.



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