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Are you a talented finance professional? Can you demonstrate it today? But more importantly, will you be able to tomorrow? Do you stand out in a crowd and will you have the expertise to get that next great job?

It’s fascinating; I believe that you’ll find a qualified accountant for every 1,200th working person in the world. A fantastic achievement, but for a select few finance professionals this is not enough. They want to differentiate themselves even further as they shape their successful careers. Obviously this happens in many other professions; there are many qualified doctors but fewer consultant surgeons. Seemingly we all want ‘the edge’, and having found it, we want to keep it. I found my edge by taking the ACT’s MCT exams. Make no mistake - these aren’t for the faint-hearted. They are the toughest corporate treasury examinations in the whole world....probably (as the Carlsberg advert taught us all to say). I passed, and in doing so I became a one in three million MCT qualified corporate treasury finance professional. Put simply, that means if we were spread evenly right around the world you’d find only two of us in London. Like the majority of our members I was already a qualified accountant before I pushed my career further to become a qualified corporate treasurer. Why be one in 1,200 when you can be one in three million!? One day I may even make it to be a Fellow (FCT).

Here at the ACT we offer a blended set of professional qualifications. Our range of Certificates and Diplomas provide you with the tools to reach the top of your profession, and we also provide you with the high quality tuition support you need to get there.

Ah, but how do you stay on your game? Like many professional membership bodies we provide our members and students with quality career support, visibility of the latest industry developments, critical thinking and thought leadership; we want you all to keep the edge. From 1 May 2013 we are changing our Professional Development requirements. All active FCT, MCT and AMCT members will be asked to record their CPD activity and submit a declaration as part of the annual membership renewal. The first declaration will be in May 2014. We are working on developing our CPD resources to make them easily accessible and we are building a user-friendly CPD log and recording system. These will be available to all members when we launch the CPD scheme in May 2013.

As part of our process in developing CPD we have introduced a CPD Approved Employer Accreditation scheme where we work with employers to support our members within their company’s own organisational development programmes to recognise this commitment to professional development. We are delighted that GlaxoSmithKline and BP have already signed up to become Accredited Employers. If you would like further information on CPD Approved Employer Accreditation visit or email

We’re also ending the year with an exciting itinerary of events including our prestigious Annual Dinner where the BBC’s Andrew Marr will be our guest speaker. We’ll be continuing our new webinar series with "The counterparty risk challenge" as well as launching a brand new member series "ACT on Camera" - a live streamed discussion and networking event between all of the regional groups on the hot topic “Breaking up the banks – how will it affect you?”

And of course, to celebrate and acknowledge those one in three million MCT members, we have our MCT Alumni Dinner on 6 December, so don’t miss the opportunity to share old memories with your fellow MCT peers and create new ones.

The ACT gives you the advantage. CPD helps you keep it.

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