University Work Placements

As part of our collaboration with selected Universities, we are working with their Careers teams to introduce bright, capable students to careers in treasury, through placement schemes.

University of Exeter Business School is one such University, and is looking for placement opportunities worldwide, to match its students’ ambitions.

Work placements – the benefits to your Business

The University of Exeter Business School produces high calibre, employable students.

One way of engaging with our students is by offering them work experience either for a short term project, or a full year business placement within your company or organisation.

Our students are seeking valuable work-based learning opportunities and we work with all types of employers: small, large, private sector, public sector and charities.

Many of the employers with whom we have placed students have ACT members, providing a direct link between the profession, the employer, and the University.

Why should I recruit a placement student?

Low cost solution – reduce your recruitment costs by advertising your vacancies to our students free of charge, whilst also accessing a low-cost staff solution.

Fill a skills gap or vacancy – solve your short term staff shortages and complete specific one-off specialist projects without long term commitments.

High quality students – add value to your organisation, by accessing high quality, reflective and analytical thinkers, who are motivated and willing to get involved.

Inject fresh ideas – complement your existing organisational skills with new ideas, knowledge and up to date theoretical concepts.

Opportunity to develop current staff – your current staff can develop their mentoring or supervisory skills by working with our placement students.

Test run an employee – identify and test run talented individuals who you may want to consider recruiting following their graduation.

Raise your profile – inform students of opportunities existing within your organisation.

What do I need to know?

What courses are being studied?

Students in the Business School study a wide range of courses, including economics, finance, accounting, tourism, leadership, business, management and marketing, and they have skills and interests in a variety of sectors.

How long does the placement need to be?

Short term placements on our Business Experience module are a minimum of 70 hours, whilst our “with Industrial Experience” placements range from nine – twelve months.
It may be possible to extend the placement period, depending on the final year start dates.

How much will it cost?

On average,” with Industrial Experience” students are paid between £14,000 and £16,000 per annum. However, a number of companies pay more than this. Students on the Business Experience module do not need to be paid.

How do I advertise to your students?

We can advertise your placement to our students free of charge on our internal Job-surfing database. Although we are unable to carry out short listing for companies, we can offer you facilities to hold your interviews on campus if you do not want to use your own premises.

To find out more about work experience opportunities contact the Business School Careers and Alumni Relations team:

The University of Exeter Business School
Streatham Court
Rennes Drive
Telephone: 01392 722232

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