Council election 2023

Voting is now open.

Nine nominations have been received for the THREE vacancies on Council for the term commencing 1 May 2023 and therefore a ballot will take place.

Instructions for voting:

  • Only Participating Members may vote in the election (i.e. Honorary Fellows (Hon FCT), Fellows (FCT) and Associate Members (AMCT)) and access to the electronic ballot form is restricted to these members.
  • You may vote for a maximum of THREE candidates. Please click on the candidate's name button to vote for that individual.
  • Votes cannot be withdrawn once submitted but you can amend your vote prior to submission.
  • Only one electronic ballot form will be accepted from each member.
  • Ballot forms must be submitted no later than 17.00 UK time on Wednesday 5 April 2023.
  • A Participating Member of the ACT who is not a candidate in the election will be appointed to verify the results of the election.
  • In the event of an equality of votes for any candidates, the candidate with the longest period of membership of the ACT will be deemed elected.
  • The results will be posted on the ACT’s website as soon as possible after the Director of Membership & Governance has informed all candidates.

For any information about the election process please contact Ria Robinson, Director of Membership & Governance, at or telephone +44 (0)20 7847 2555.

To cast your votes please click the button below (you will need to be logged in to your ACT account to go to this page):

Data security

Access to this page is restricted to Participating Members of the ACT. Your customer number will be recorded when you submit your vote in order to ensure votes are only submitted by eligible members and to prevent duplicate voting.

Your IP address is also recorded when you vote. This information will not be used beyond initial checks for data validity. Voting data will be deleted following completion of the election process.

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