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Our employer scheme is a partnership. We work with you to support our members within your own organisational development programme.

Becoming an accredited employer has a number of great benefits, including:

  • Organisation-wide accreditation for all members. Which means less pressure on employees to adhere to our CPD scheme, as well as their organisation’s development programme.
  • The recognition you deserve. Everyone visiting the CPD pages will see that you’re committed to your employees’ professional development.
  • Our support, to help you help your employees as they work to achieve their goals.
  • Extra motivation for your employees to be successful, with you on their side.
  • The development of talent and expertise, within your company.
  • Encouraging a strong work ethic and high personal standards throughout your organisation.

In addition, accredited employers receive the following:

  • ACT Qualifications - 5% discount on all ACT online courses (this cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, and does not include discounts on tuition or assessments). You will need a code to receive this discount - please contact for this code.
  • CPD marque - use of the ACT CPD accreditation marque.
  • Recruitment advertising - 25% discount on any recruitment adverts on the ACT website, this is for adverts placed directly and not via an agency.
  • ACT training solutions - CPD accredited employers receive the membership rate for all public training courses.

If you work for an ACT CPD Accredited Employer and would like to take advantage of the benefits listed above please contact Please note the discounts are not automatically applied.

Download our Accredited Employer Brochure for further information.

To view the list of accredited employers click here.

How does our employer scheme work?

We make sure our members have the support they need at work in the following ways. We ask accredited employers to have:

  • A clear commitment to the professional development of employees linked to the organisational strategy and embedded in the organisation’s culture
  • A comprehensive review system
  • A system for assessing and delivering training and development needs
  • The opportunity to provide ethical support and guidance – including any whistle-blowing policy
How to become an accredited employer

We’ll like to talk to you or your company’s HR department to discuss:

  1. Your development programme.
  2. How our CPD scheme could integrate with your existing system, to help you and your employees achieve your goals.
  3. How we’ll support you through the process.

We’ll talk about any further support you think you’ll need from us to ensure our members’ development needs are met. We may ask for some documentation to show how your systems work. You can see examples of these in the Accredited Employer Scheme.

Accreditation is renewable every three years.

Who would be covered?

Once you’re accredited, all ACT members you employ will usually be covered – irrespective of job title, department or location.

Please see our CPD accredited employer route for further information.

If you would like to discuss the CPD employer accredited scheme, please contact Ria Robinson at or call +44 (0)20 7847 2555.

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