Hand in Hand - Annual Dinner Charity

ACT Annual Dinner 2020

We are proud to be working with Hand in Hand International for the third consecutive year.


Read how your generous donations have funded essential support for communities in Kenya.

Hand in Hand we can help women beat the odds and succeed as entrepreneurs. The money they earn and the confidence they gain changes everything. Whole families and communities rise with them.

Thanks to your generosity at the 2018 and 2019 ACT Annual Dinners we raised £120,000 to help fund two ACT villages, Ntirimiti and Ngulini, in Kenya. Below is a short summary of this work, and we'll have a fuller report by the end of 2020. 

An update from Ntirimiti

Your donation has been at work in the small rural village of Ntirimiti, some 250km north east of Nairobi, for just over a year and its residents are already on the path from subsistence to success. 

Your team has enrolled 273 community members for training, with these members going on to create 134 businesses such as potato, carrot and poultry farming. 

Lydia Karambu is one of your early success stories. Thanks to Hand in Hand, Lydia learnt how crop diversification and rotation could increase her yields. As a result she has almost tripled her income.

Please click here for a more detailed update from Ntirimiti.

An update from Ngulini

Roughly 100 miles south of Nitirmiti lies Ngulini, in Machakos County, where donations from ACT’s dinner in 2019 are just beginning to have an impact. With beautiful, hilly scenery, Machakos is well suited to hiking safaris. However, once you step off the tourist trail you will find a population struggling with poverty, and, like many areas in Kenya, it has experienced deforestation, eroding the hilly terrain and making it more difficult for families to rely on subsistence farming.  

Hand in Hand is confident its programme of savings and business skills, will make a real difference and provide the residents of Ngulini with the opportunity to generate an income and work their way out of poverty. 

We will bring you the first full report from Ngulini at the end of 2020.

Hand in Hand’s response to COVID-19

After a temporary suspension of activities as a result of COVID-19, we resumed field operations in Kenya in June. The move comes in line with new government regulations and amidst growing concern that - although cases could still be peaking - economic and food security crises had become too critical to ignore.  

Hand in Hand is now reaching out in person again to the groups they were only able to support by phone or in company of the Red Cross during the worst of the pandemic in Kenya.

During lock down in Kenya, Hand in Hand supported the Covid-19 response in Kenya with more than 71,100 advice sessions in total, including:

  • 45,417 members supported with handwashing guidelines and other health messages 
  • 14,666 members given information on new sources of seedlings and crops 
  • 11,104 members advised on adapting businesses, selling face masks and soap  

Thank you again for your continued support of Hand in Hand International. If you’d like to find out more about us, please contact me at cfrankel@hihinternational.org or take a look at our website


Support Hand in Hand

Your donation will help Hand in Hand to fight poverty by supporting entrepreneurs

Through the registered charity, ACT Educational Trust (registration number: 288859), the ACT supports the treasury profession by providing funding for projects that would otherwise not go ahead without the assistance of the Trust. The Trust’s core project is a bursary scheme that supports students from developing countries to study for ACT qualifications, with other projects including the provision of training days in Africa and a forthcoming initiative to support those from minority backgrounds in the UK, by way of treasury skills training. Hand in Hand International has kindly agreed to make a donation to the Trust equivalent to 10% of the amount raised at the event

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