Frequently Asked Questions

We highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the online platform ahead of the Annual Conference going live.

Q: WiFi
A: We advise the user to check other sites are working and if WiFi isn’t the issue attempt refresh or failing that clear cache and try again.

Q: Unable to login with your email: ‘ you are not registered to access this event, Please contact an event organiser’ 
A: Check you users are entering the correct email listed to register with.

Q: Forgotten password 
A: Recommend using the ‘Reset password’ option on the login page.

Q: Unsupported browser 
A: For any user who has issues accessing it is always worth sending supported browsers to ensure they are using a compatible browser. https://docs.crowdcomms.com/books/platform-docs/page/device-compatibility-and-browser-requirements

Q: Firewall stopping users from accessing the platform
A: Some internal firewalls block unrecognised platforms. CrowdComms mitigate the request by ensuring all event URL's are https. In the event of the URL being blocked, the only solution is to get the relevant IT team to white list / approve the platform URL. 

Q: User isn't receiving automated email alerts, reset password email or verification email
A: Email communications sent from the CrowdComms platform are delivered from 'appconcierge@m.crowdcomms.com'. If you intend to use this functionality, please ensure this email address is white listed by relevant IT team to avoid emails being blocked or going to spam.

Q: Can I access the platform on my smartphone?
A: Yes but it is recommended that you use desktop, laptop or tablet for a better experience.

Q: Will I stay logged in/ on if I close my browser (on my phone or desktop)
A: No for security, you can only access the ACT Annual Conference platform on one device at a time.

Q: What will happen when I enter the platform for the first time? 
A: You will enter your log in details first then you will enter the home page of the conference.

Q: Will I be able to contact anyone if I am having issues with the platform? 
A: Yes, please reach out to – events@treasurers.org 

Q: If I miss a session will it be available to view on demand? 
A; Yes, all sessions will be available on demand for a 10 days after the live event.

Q: Will I be able to network with other delegates like at a normal ACT conference? 
A:  Yes, video call  can be arranged, meetings with other delegates and exhibitors – please click on the attendee page. 

Q: During the event is the platform ‘open’ 24 hours?
A: Yes, the platform is accessible 24/7.

Q: Will I be able to access the platform once the event is over?
A:  Yes, the ACT Working Capital Conference platform will be available on demand for 10days after the live event, with all On Demand contact available for 10days. 

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ACT Working Capital Conference 2021

Platform closed on 11 February
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