ACT Middle East Treasury Summit
Monday 9 November

Welcome and opening remarks

  • Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, ACT

Keynote address: Powering a sustainable post COVID-19 world

  • Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, CEO, Alliances for Global Sustainability (AGS)

Keynote: Social and financial risks and opportunities from climate change

  • The impact of climate change on business and financial market practices, as well as social behaviour;
  • Why has managing climate risks become an imperative for all?
  • With sustainability being a key pillar of the UAE's National Agenda 2021, how is the Middle East region shifting to a sustainable future?

Qais Bader Al Suwaidi, Assistant Expert, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment


Maintaining liquidity and meaningful cash forecasting in uncertain times

The crisis has emphasised the importance of cash forecasting, something that is notoriously difficult to do with the desired level of accuracy – with a key challenge being getting the most accurate and timely data to make meaningful forecasts, especially at times of unexpected events, like pandemics. What are the best practices that treasurers across the region have developed in advance or during the crisis? How can treasury work more closely with business planning, and so improve forecasts? The basics, such as having liquidity structures and buffers in place, have been shown to be important throughout the crisis period, so what are the other essential aspects that need to be in place to be prepared, including establishing liquidity risk appetite and the agility needed to support changing needs of businesses and their boards? 

  • Rahul Daswani, Senior Manager, New Solutions – International, Global Financial Services, Microsoft
  • Gianluca Elmosi, Group Treasury Director and Corporate Finance, Al Dahra
  • Bruno Massera, Head of Finance and Treasurer, BRF
  • Facilitated by Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, ACT

Expediating the treasury of the future: What has been done? 
In association with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Enhanced connectivity has been shown to be essential over recent months, but the cost of maintaining new technology can be high and banks typically have their own solutions. As a result of cost-cutting, some digitalisation initiatives have been pushed back but others continue, as forward-thinking organisations realise that a tech-savvy, modern treasury is necessary to operate successfully and efficiently going forward, and now is the perfect time for treasury to push this agenda through to the C(FO)-level. What have treasurers been doing over the recent months to update systems and advance treasury digitalisation, and how can you use their experiences to get your department ready for the future.

  • Alex Elviss, Senior Treasury Manager, Etihad Aviation Group
  • Ruta Jukneviciute, Group Treasury, Al Futtaim
  • James Finucane, Treasury, Aldar
  • Sherie Morais, Head of Transaction Banking Sales, ADCB
  • Facilitated by Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Director – Policy & Technical, ACT

Keynote discussion: The world in 2020: the impact of COVID-19 on geopolitics and economics 

2020 has been a challenging year for many, as COVID-19 causes illness and disruption across the world, and resulting government measures of lockdowns have led to dire economic circumstances. In this discussion we will look at, from an international perspective, where we are now and where we are heading, and consider how the Middle East fits into this new normal. What impact does increased tensions between China and the West have on the region, as well as the wider international arena?

  • Scott Livermore, Chief Economist & Managing Director, Oxford Economics Middle East
  • Arthur Minsat, Head of Unit for Africa and Middle East - Senior Economist, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Facilitated by Rebecca Harding, CEO, Coriolis Technologies

Preparing your payment systems for the future
In association with Kyriba

The treasury technology landscape is changing with implementation of systems accelerating as the digital world advances, and the payments landscape adjusting to a world of faster, more efficient and safer payments. Join this session to hear how two treasurers have updated their payment systems and so doing, are preparing for the future, in the midst of difficult times.

  • Ahmed Kamal, Extra
  • Eric Peterson, Director, KPMG
  • Nik Romano, Managing Director, EMEA Emerging Markets, Kyriba
  • Roshun Tulkens, Group Treasurer, Mantrac
  • Facilitated by Chris van Dijl, Founder & Managing Director, Cugavadi

Act now to recover: Maximise your options and preserve value in your business
In association with PwC

COVID-19 has both created and further amplified existing stakeholder losses across many organisations, forcing whole industries to change fundamentally. Businesses need to act quickly and decisively to minimise value destruction and rethink their options to regain control and preserve value. We will present the results of our 2020 Middle East Working Capital Study, and examine the triggers of value destruction and how to navigate the road to recovery - helping you act now to recover.

  • Mo Farzadi, Partner, Middle East Leader, Business Recovery Services, PwC Middle East
  • Imran Jaffer, Director, Business Restructuring Services, PwC Middle East

Treasurers as risk managers: learnings from the crisis

Pandemics may have been one of the distant BCP scenarios, but were not top of the planning agenda, and with risk management not sophisticated enough, preparation and resilience were lacking at a time where continuity of operations was the key priority. The crisis has highlighted the need for stress-testing scenarios, rather than just forecasting, and to challenge conventional thinking at an unprecedented time where treasury is placed front and centre of businesses, whilst supply and demand have been impacted simultaneously. Going forward, how should treasurers look at their business continuity plans to build resilience? And what are the benefits of hindsight that allow pragmatic learnings to enhance preparation for future crises? How does an integrated approach and strategy for financial risk management across the organisation provide wide benefits, and how does the treasurer remain central to the discussion? Credit risk is proving an increased challenge in the region – should treasurers be concerned?

  • Anish Jain, Chief Treasury Officer, ETG
  • Staney Pullolickel, Regional Treasurer (Commercial) - MENAT, SSA & Asia, GE
  • Fatih Tokkal, Head of Treasury, Yildirim Holding
  • Facilitated by Toby Shore, Senior Director, Group Treasury, Risk & Insurance, Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA)

Changing payment landscape: global themes and emerging regional payment systems 
In association with Barclays

We have seen significant innovation within the payment space which are not only led by new technology, emerging and established FinTech and Payment Service Providers but to a great extent also by regulatory driven initiatives. Increasingly regulators and governments across the world are placing greater emphasis on improvement in payment infrastructures, removing risk, driving resilience and greater digital adoption and inclusivity. In the GCC, focus on regional payment systems and enhancement of domestic payments infrastructure continues to remain high on the agenda. These aim to bring significant transformation to the payments ecosystem in the region.

How do treasurers view such emerging regional payment systems and what benefits can they avail? What changes would they need to embed across technology, controls and processes and how can they leverage such platforms to drive further efficiencies?

  • Mehdi Manaa, CEO - Arab Regional Payment System, Arab Monetary Fund
  • Mariusz Mlodawski, Planning & Administration Director, UAE, Cemex
  • David Shinkins, Global Head Cash Management Sales, Barclays
  • Facilitated by Chris van Dijl, Founder & Managing Director, Cugavadi
16:40 ACT Middle East Treasury Awards 2020



Tuesday 10 November

Welcome and opening remarks

  • Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, ACT

Keynote address: Beyond the curve: Leading the restart, rebuild and renew of business 

Our keynote speakers will take a wider look at the results from the crisis with respect to its impact on business, society and people, bridging business and finance along with our theme encompassing innovation and sustainability.

  • Tony Douglas, Chief Executive Officer, Etihad Airways 
  • Adam Boukadida, Chief Financial Officer, Etihad Airways 

Today’s treasury landscape: Centring treasury operations in the UAE
In association with Abu Dhabi Global Market

Times of crisis highlight both fundamental challenges as well as resilience within environment, and so this session will consider the beneficial tax and regulatory environment that Abu Dhabi offers for treasury operation centralisation, and how this is changing, whether by double tax treaties, netting provisions and a demonstration of activity locally. And within this, how has the banking landscape in the UAE changed, and what are the challenges and opportunities going forward for treasurers in the region?

  • Steve Barnett, Executive Director Business Development, Abu Dhabi Global Market

LIBOR transition: Legal and market update
In association with Dentons

An overview of key developments this year, focusing on loan markets (and related hedging) including:

  • Interim milestones set by regulators
  • Risk-free rate calculation methodologies
  • LMA documents and other suggested drafting
  • Options for amending legacy LIBOR transactions
  • Practical implications for treasurers


  • Stephen Knight, Partner, Dentons
  • Adam Pierce, Partner, Dentons

Spotlight on…. Saudi Arabia

As a key regional power, Saudi Arabia’s influence extends across the region. In session we will take a look at the business environment in KSA and the impact for treasurers both in the country and the wider region. What will the lasting impact be of Saudi Arabia’s presidency of G20? What does Vision 2030 show about the future direction of KSA?

  • James Adams, Group Treasurer, Chalhoub
  • Sayer Al Shammari, VP, Real Estate, Al Muhaidib
  • Emad Kordi, Director, Treasury & Corporate Finance, Bahri
  • Facilitated by Alexander Harris, VP, Treasury, Al Muhaidib

Harnessing the Middle East’s Fintech potential in the times of COVID-19
Fintech is transforming the Middle East region and the rapid surge in digitalisation in finance and treasury will outlast the pandemic.

•    How can corporates and financial institutions embrace the power of Fintech in this challenging time? 
•    What are the challenges and obstacles faced by the Fintech sector in the Middle East?
•    What is the role of DIFC in leading the development of the Fintech space in the region?

Raja Al Mazrouei, Executive Vice President - FinTech Hive, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)


Unlocking liquidity through supply chain finance
In association with Commercial Bank of Dubai

With the daily challenges now facing treasurers as we all contemplate the “new normal” economic environment, corporates of all sizes are looking to innovation in supply chain financing as a pillar of working capital & FX management. The liquidity benefits, along with positive implications for supplier relationships are fast becoming drivers of heightened demand for SCF solutions. Find out how your business can similarly benefit from greater agility in the supply chain as you prepare for 2021 and beyond. 

  • Yusaf Ali, Chief Financial Officer – KSA, Group Finance Manager – UAE, Emircom
  • Ashish Krishna, Assistant Group Treasurer, Kuwait Food Company (Americana)
  • Abhishek Mundra, Chief Financial Officer, Choithrams
  • Atif Raza, Head Trade Sales, International & Transaction Banking, Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Facilitated by Brian Shanahan, Director, Informita

Case study: building a treasury of the future
In association with Treasury Xpress

The crisis and associated lockdowns have highlighted the importance of digitalisation. A reliance on manual and paper-based processes and lack of online visibility of data, particularly when working from home, resulted in a challenging time. Hear from a treasurer who undertook a digital transformation project earlier and discover how you can adapt your systems and processes ready for 2021 and beyond.

  • Muhsin Alustrom, General Manager of Treasury, Oman Shipping
  • Habib Ghanem, Vice President Business Development, Middle East & North Africa, TreasuryXpress

The role of treasurer in the new normal

To close this year’s summit, having discussed the world in which we live, and the challenges that treasurers face in the Middle East today, what does this mean for the role of the treasurer now and going forward? How has the crisis enhanced the significance of treasury, particularly in relation to communication with the CFO and other C-level executives? What has been the impact on treasury’s relationship with the wider business? From a team perspective, how do we build successful teams and succession planning without fear? How do we create and maintain a positive/distinctive culture whilst working remotely? And going forward, how can treasurers best mitigate risk and open up opportunity?

  • Matthew Hurn, Executive Director – CFO, Alternative Investments & Infrastructure, Mubadala
  • Anissa Teemul, Manager, Strategy & Investments, National Investment Corporation
  • James Westerby-Jones, Treasury Business Partner, Chalhoub
  • Facilitated by Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, ACT
16:10 Closing remarks

  • Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, ACT


Pre-recorded viewing

Enhancing female empowerment in treasury across the GCC

The potential of women to accelerate the recovery is considerable so, now more than ever, enhancing female representation in organisations is essential. What progress is being made across the GCC? Hear from a selection of senior women in treasury to understand the importance of gender parity across organisation.

  • Halina Bernard, Treasurer, General Motors Middle East
  • Sherie Morais, Head of Business Development, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Princy Royce, Treasury Manager, Middle East, Africa, India, National Oilwell Varco
  • Diana Wilde, Co-Founder, Aurora50
  • Facilitated by Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, ACT

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