Certificate in International Cash Management

Key facts

How you study

Distance learning and 5 day compulsory tuition school


7 study units; tuition school

The Certificate in International Cash Management (CertICM) provides cash managers with the skills necessary to implement cash management solutions at local and global levels to release cash for use by the organisation.

It is widely recognised by major banks and corporates alike. The compulsory five day tuition school gives a unique opportunity to swap experiences and build relationships not only with corporate peers, but also with sell-side professionals.

CertICM is for you if you:

  • are a cash manager in a corporate who wants to demonstrate your expertise and dedication with a globally recognised qualification
  • recently moved into a cash management role (or would like to), either within corporate treasury or as part of a general finance remit
  • want to expand your understanding of how cash management works at an international level
  • are a banker or a consultant who needs to understand international cash management from the perspective of the corporate in order to advise clients more effectively

Choose CertICM to:

  • deliver financial benefits to your organisation with your mastery of international cash management
  • gain an internationally recognised qualification
  • establish a cash management professional network to use for the rest of your career

CertICM covers:

  • the importance of international cash management from both a corporate and banking perspective
  • how to confidently deal with international cash management issues
  • how to add real value when selecting, implementing and negotiating cash management arrangements by being able to identify the optimal solution for your organisation

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CertICM syllabus

The ACT Competency Framework

The competency framework defines the key technical skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to be effective when working in or with the treasury profession. To help you identify which competencies are relevant to you, we’ve mapped them to four treasury job levels: tactical, operational, managerial and strategic.


The content of the CertICM introduces skills required to operate at an operational or managerial level.

For more information about the competency
framework visit here




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