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A masterclass developed for sales and relationship professionals working in banks who serve large corporate clients

What is an in-company training course?

Our tailored training solutions are designed to your specifications and delivered in a confidential environment so that you can focus on issues relevant to your business and people. Sessions can be delivered on a date and at location that suits you and your business.

Is it for you?

This two-day course from the ACT is for any banker who has contact with the treasurer or others at existing and target corporate clients. The fundamental purpose is to prepare bankers for conversations with the client, in order to improve trust and allow a shift from selling products to selling solutions. The course is taught by experienced treasurers who are not client related. Honest discussion is encouraged.


Pre-course activities

Background readings taken from the ACT’s professional qualifications will be sent to you before the course to help prepare for the discussions in class. A pre-course test and questionnaire is also used to inform discussions during the sessions.



Who is leading the course?

The courses are led by trainers who have held senior treasury positions and reflect your current and target client base. They have a wealth of experience in dealing with both banks and their own operating management. They enjoy being challenged with every type of question.

Course activities

To cover academic background

Small class problems and discussions
To bring out issues

To weigh up different approaches

Individual exercises
To reinforce learning

Group exercises

One large case study is used throughout the course. The class will understand how the treasurer might respond to the banker

The proportion spent on each activity will depend on the trainer and the group. Attendees are encouraged to question and challenge the trainer at any time.

How will you benefit?

Treasuries and their companies are all different and have varying and sometimes complex needs. As a result, there isn't a one size fits all approach to solution selling.

Attending this course will develop your ability to have conversations with your clients so that even if you have to ask tough questions, you’re doing so from a common base of understanding.

Make a booking / contact us

If you'd like to make a booking or simply find out more about this in-company training course including pricing structures, then contact:

Samantha Baglioni, Training Development Manager
T: +44 (0)20 7847 2559

Client testimonials / feedback
 This is a unique opportunity to understand a treasurer’s business concerns so that you develop your ability to think like them and offer solutions that really meet their needs. 
 The program was a great opportunity for us to learn how to move from ‘selling products’ to ‘creating solutions’ for our clients by addressing efficiently the client’s needs in a global approach. 
 We reviewed all the risks (financial, economic and operational) that a company could face which will allow us to fine-tune our commercial offer and better understand the client’s activity. 
 The trainer shared his knowledge perfectly with all the participants and answered to all our questions. He successfully created a safe environment where all the participants felt very comfortable to ask questions. 
 I really appreciated the group discussions held during the training which allowed us to share my experience and view on different topics with all the participants. I highly recommend this training. 
 Following the course, I was more confident in the marketing call as I had researched some of the issues the company is facing. 
 Understanding that we must compete not on what we sell but how we sell. 
 Understanding the concerns and "rationale of the corporate treasurer. 

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