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From the moment you choose an ACT qualification, you join a community of like-minded, treasury and finance professionals who are here to support your career success every step of the way.

If your learning licence has expired and you wish to take an assessment, you will need to be a member of the ACT.

Membership is designed to support you as you progress through an ACT qualification. The qualification provides you with quantifiable and assessed skills, whilst your ACT membership provides you with access to the ACT's wider knowledge base and a range of benefits to help advance your career - from resources to help you develop your business and behavioural skills at the ACT career hub, to networking opportunities at our events.

Once you qualify and upgrade your membership, you can you use your designatory letters.
These are what really set you apart and offer a mark of professional distinction to your employers, peers and clients. Your membership of the chartered body for the profession shows you are serious about your career in treasury and committed to maintaining the very highest standards.

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Not buying any learning or your learning licence has expired?
You need to buy eAffiliate membership in order to book and sit an assessment. The membership fee is valid for 12 month's and the current fee is:

How to join

Step 1: If you haven't already created an ACT account, you will be need to create this first. You can do this when you select to join below. You will be asked to provide your postal address, date of birth, telephone number and email address.

Step 2: Complete the membership form and pay the fee. Have your credit/debit card details to hand as you will be required to make online payment through WorldPay.

If you want to book an assessment you will need to wait until your membership application has been processed. This will be done within two working days. Once you receive confirmation by email, you can go ahead and book the assessment.

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