Corporate Membership

ACT Corporate MembershipThere are two possible routes to membership. The majority of members are individual members who have successfully completed our Professional Qualifications. The other route to membership is Corporate Membership.

Corporate Membership is an effective way to invest in the future of your business – in gaining the profile your organisation deserves and in supporting the people who look after your company’s finances.

Corporate members

Organisations with an interest in treasury, risk and corporate finance may apply for Corporate Membership in order to become more closely involved with the ACT and gain access to our treasury knowledge resources, advice, best practice, learning and networking opportunities.

Many organisations applying for Corporate Membership will have large treasury operations however we also welcome applications from the following:

  • Organisations with a smaller, or no separate, treasury operation whose financial management team would benefit from access to the ACT’s resources
  • Providers as well as users of financial services and those involved in advising practitioners in the areas of treasury, risk and corporate finance
  • Academic institutions educating in the areas of treasury, risk and corporate finance
  • Organisations based both within and outside the UK.

Corporate Representatives

Corporate Members are represented by individuals employed by the organisation – Corporate Representatives.

Corportate representatives will receive:

  • Benefit from distribution of the Treasurer and related publications, and access to the Treasurer website
  • Discount on booking delegate places at ACT conferences, events and training
  • Discount on other ACT publications
  • Inclusion in and access to the ACT Directory
  • Increased Technical resources including priority advice from the ACT’s Policy and Technical team
  • Opportunity to participate in working groups, surveys and research so contributing your views and helping the lobbying work that the ACT undertakes on behalf of its members.
  • Regional Group meetings

Individuals nominated as Corporate Representatives would normally be involved at a senior level in the financial management team. Where this is not relevant for a particular organisation, other senior members of the organisation will be eligible. It is unlikely that those employed directly in sales or marketing will be approved.

What is required of Corporate Members and Corporate Representatives?

  • Payment of a one-off joining fee per organisation and an annual subscription fee per Corporate Representative (current fees are available at If Corporate Membership lapses for any reason and an application for re-instatement is subsequently made a new entrance fee may be charged.
  • All Corporate Members and Corporate Representatives must agree to comply with the ACT regulations and Ethical Code, including the terms of use of the ACT Directory. Any potential breaches of the regulations or Ethical Code will be investigated and dealt with as appropriate, which may include, but is not limited to, exclusion of the organisation from Corporate Membership or the individual from acting as a Corporate Representative. The Ethical Code may be accessed at
  • As a Corporate Member a commitment to support the ACT is required. This may be through a number of routes but for many organisations we would expect this to include support for the ACT’s qualifications through the employment of ACT members or the enrolment of employees onto ACT qualification courses. Other ways to demonstrate commitment include attending or speaking at ACT events, joining committees or working groups and contributing to ACT publications. The ACT reserves the right to monitor the level of on-going commitment demonstrated and review the organisation’s Corporate Membership status accordingly.

The annual Corporate Representative fee will be waived for Representatives enrolling on an ACT qualification.

  • Corporate Representatives cannot use ACT designatory letters, vote in any election, propose members for service, or themselves serve, on Council nor can they vote on any resolution put before the membership in general meeting. They may serve on committees.
  • Corporate Membership does not represent any form of endorsement of the organisation’s products or services by the ACT and no such representation must be made, nor can it be used as a means to access the ACT’s membership for marketing purposes.

Unrelated to Corporate Membership, commercial opportunities exist for organisations to raise their profile with treasury professionals subject to our strict rules of impartiality and independence, primarily through sponsorship of events, publications or advertising. For further information on commercial opportunities please contact:

Denis Murphy, Sponsorship Manager
T: +44 (0)20 7847 2581
Or go to

How to become a Corporate Member

You can download an application form and submit it for consideration at the next meeting of the Member Services Committee. Please return completed forms by email or post to:

David Coulson
Employer Relations Manager

T: +44 (0)20 7847 2531

The Membership Development Forum, under authority delegated to it by Council, will be the final arbiter of whether an applicant organisation should be admitted to Corporate Membership. MDF, under guidance from the ACT Executive, may require the organisation to withdraw from membership if, in its opinion, it is no longer appropriate to continue as a Corporate Member.

The ACT has the right at the time of application for Corporate Membership to ask the applicant organisation to propose an alternative Corporate Representative if, in the sole judgment of the ACT, the proposed representative or representatives is/are unacceptable.

The ACT has the right at the time of application for Corporate Membership to ask the applicant organisation to propose an alternative Corporate Representative if, in the sole judgment of the MSC, the proposed representative or representatives is/are unacceptable.

Corporate Membership is not an alternative to individual membership achieved through the ACT’s qualification process and The ACT reserves the right, where appropriate, to recommend that individuals undertake the ACT’s examinations.

On leaving the Corporate Member’s employment, an individual will cease to be a Corporate Representative with immediate effect. Any change in representation requested by a Corporate Member is subject to approval by The ACT.

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