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Our membership events are companions to our annual events such as our annual conference, and set the standard for topical, relevant and exciting commentary on both the treasury profession and how the ACT provides leadership, support and recognition to our members. They're also a great way to connect and network with fellow professionals local to you.

Upcoming member events

ACT Scotland Regional Group meeting: Money market fund reform and the economics of an uncertain future
30 May 2017,
Standard Life House, 30 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2DH

Money market funds are a current hot topic with upcoming reform changing the structure of short dated funds. In this session, we will hear from someone who has played an influential role in the reforms.

This will be followed by an update on the wider macro-economic landscape, considering the potential impacts of the UK election result and longer-term Brexit implications.


  • Dennis Gepp, Director of the Institutional Money Market Fund Association and Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer (Cash) at Federated Investors UK
    Through the roles that Dennis holds, he has played an influential role in the money market fund reform legislation.
    Dennis will give us an overview of the upcoming changes to money market funds and the key points that treasurers need to be thinking about during the transition period.
  • Stuart Thomson, Chief Market Economist, Liquid Alternatives at Standard Life Investments

    Working in the Multi Asset Investment team at SLI Stuart is well positioned to provide insight into the potential implications across different asset classes of the upcoming UK election and the post-Brexit landscape and what treasury functions need to be considering.

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ACT South West Regional Group: Legal issues for treasurers
12 June 2017,
TLT LLP, One Redcliff Street, Bristol, BS1 6TP

Legal contracts are an everyday part of a treasurer’s life. They can absorb time, fuel legal fees, and leave you wondering if you are exposed to some unfortunate event. Jon Stewart, banking partner and Nathan Williams, tax partner at law firm TLT LLP in Bristol, will share digestible insights and tips to help you look for common issues in loan docs and other financial contracts. What is the market position on negative LIBOR? Does the sanction wording mean we can’t do anything with some countries? Is there an angle on BEPS we are missing? Questions on a general basis will also be welcome.

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