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If you've previously been a member with us and your membership has lapsed or you chose to resign, you are always welcome to reinstate - we'll be happy to welcome you back!

How do I reinstate my membership?

Reinstating your membership with us is easy - all you have to do is complete our short reinstatement form, and once we've processed this we'll be in touch to confirm your reinstatement.

How much does reinstatement cost?

If you were an eAffiliate, Student or Affiliate member then there is no reinstatement fee. You'll just need to pay the pro rata membership fee.

If you were an Associate member or Fellow then there may be a reinstatement fee applicable in addition to the pro-rata membership fee. If your membership has been inactive with us for less than two years then there is no reinstatement fee payable. However, if your membership has been inactive with us for more than two years a reinstatement fee may be applied.

I'm not sure how long my membership has been inactive for - how can I find out?

The best thing to do is to contact us at, or call us on +44 (0)20 7847 2529. We can check your record for you and discuss the reinstatement fee.

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