Membership Resignation

Don't leave

We understand that circumstances can change and you may either no longer feel that ACT membership is relevant to you, or that you justify paying your fees. We'd love to keep you on board as a member, and we think there are some great reasons to stay.

An increasing range of benefits

Being a member of the ACT provides you with a wide range of benefits that are designed to support you, recognise your knowledge and help you build your leadership skills in an increasingly competitive job market. We've been working hard over the last few years to add more to our benefits offering and will continue to do so. If you haven't reviewed what we offer for a while, maybe it's time to check again and see what the ACT provides.

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The advantage is yours

ACT membership isn't just about the benefits we offer - it's also about being part of our global community, and having the reputation and expertise of your Chartered treasury association behind you. We are always providing updated content and guidance on a wide range of treasury and finance issues, and when you have the ACT designatory letters after your name you are demonstrating to colleagues, peers and employers that you are a member of a recognised and respected professional body.

Relevancy across the board

No longer working in treasury or looking to change your career path? The ACT is probably still more relevant to you than you'd think! As a member you have access to the insight of experienced professionals across a wide range of industries - our membership body is hugely diverse and active across the globe. From treasurers to tutors, finance directors to fund managers, our members come from all walks of life; their knowledge is shared and available to you regardless of where your career takes you. And many of our resources go beyond treasury - the career tools would be relevant to any profession.

Taking an ACT qualification?

If you are studying or taking an assessment, you will need to be an active ACT member. You cannot resign as a member if you still intend to book and sit an assessment.

Discounted membership rates

Want to stay a member but having difficulty paying your fees? We offer discounted rates that can help you retain your membership, whether you are temporarily unemployed, have decided to retire, or are taking a career break. You can find a list of our concessions here

How to resign

If you are sure that you'd like to resign your membership then all you need to do is contact your us, either by email to or by calling us directly on +44 (0)20 7847 2529. We can then amend your record as necessary.

I'd like to reinstate!

That's great news! We'll be very pleased to welcome you back on board, and you can find out how to reinstate your membership here

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