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Silverfit - the healthier ageing charity - is currently recruiting to fill a voluntary Treasurer role. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining an overview of the organisation's financial affairs, ensuring its long term financial viability. This involves ensuring proper financial records are kept, the Board is kept up to date with the organisation’s current financial state by being made aware of any risks or uncertainties, and that proper procedures are maintained in line with auditing requirements.


Role Summary

  • Monitor the financial standing of the charity and reports to the Board and CEO regarding cash-flow forecasting, income streams, out-going expenses and the overarching strategic management of the organisation’s financial resources.
  • Oversee the charity’s financial risk-management process and report financial health to the board of trustees at regular intervals.
  • Acts as a counter signatory on cheques and applications to funders and ensure that annual accounts are submitted to all relevant regulators in a timely fashion.
  • Liaising with external auditors on financial issues and ensuring that the organsiation’s finances are responsibly managed/invested for the betterment of the organisation’s work and for the beneficiaries it serves.
  • Assist the fundraising team with the bids from a financial persepective


Main Responsibilities

  • Overseeing the development of the budgets, accounts and financial statements for all programmes / venues and the organisation as a whole, (which is carried out on a day to day basis by the Administrative Officer and Bookkeeper) and ensuring these are appropriately reported to, and approved by, the Board of Trustees.
  • Identifying any financial risks facing the organisation and recommending appropriate action.
  • Ensuring that the organisation has a robust Fundraising Strategy and monitoring its implementation and reporting on it the Board.
  • Advising on whether the financial resources of the organisation meet its present and future needs, and on any remedial action required, ensuring that the organisation has an appropriate Reserves Policy.
  • Ensuring that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place, in line with audit and Charity Commission/Companies House requirements, and that the organisation operates within a sound financial framework.
  • Ensuring that the organisation has appropriate financial policies in place and advises the CEO of any required changes.
  • Liaising with CEO (and other managers) about financial matters.
  • Ensuring that the charity has an appropriate investment policy, where applicable, and monitoring it.
  • Ensuring that any restricted funds received for specific purposes are appropriately spent accounted for and monitored.
  • Ensuring that the accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by funders and relevant statutory bodies, e.g. The Charity Commission and/or the Registrar of Companies and HMRC when necessary.
  • Liaising with the Charity’s auditors, including chairing an annual meeting with the auditors to discuss the Auditor’s Report and Accounts before reporting on this to the Board.
  • Making a formal presentation of the accounts at the Annual General Meeting and drawing attention to important points in a coherent and easily understandable way.
  • Liaising directly with the Administrative Officer and Bookkeeper from time to time re financial issues
  • Taking responsibility to act as a counter signatory on the organisation’s cheques and contracts where required.


Person Specification


  • Qualified or part-qualified accountant with demonstrated commercial awareness and knowledge (added bonus would be charity specific)
  • Knowledge of charity SORP and impending changes.
  • Competent use of IT skills.
  • Proven ability to communicate and explain financial information to members of the Board and other stakeholders with limited financial background and knowledge.
  • Analytical and evaluation skills, demonstrating good judgement.
  • Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship.
  • Good communication skills



  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of charity finance practices.
  • Dedicated to the organisation’s cause and objectives and willing to act as the charity’s ambassador to external bodies, charities and companies.
  • Skills and experience in one or more areas of non-executive governance and management e.g. strategic planning, business management, financial/ accountancy, understanding of HR issues, experience of Trusts or other grant giving bodies particularly fundraising and legal knowledge.
  • A team-oriented approach to problem solving and to management.


Time Commitment

  • The Board meets at least 6 times a year and the Treasurer is expected to be available 4 times in a year
  • The job is a part-time job at the moment requiring 2-6 hours a week on average. The amount of hours depends on the time of the year, eg for year-end & preparing financial accounts the hours will be a bit more.


How to apply

To apply for this role, please email your CV and cover letter to


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