How to study

How to study for ACT qualifications

Step one - buy your learning materials

Once you have chosen your qualification, you can buy your learning materials through the ACT Learning Academy, the official study centre of the ACT which offers maximum flexibility by delivering your study resources online. Focused on preparing you for the best chances of success in your ACT assessments, you'll join a global community of ACT students and benefit from excellent resources supported by expert tutors.

Step two - join as an ACT member
Membership is designed to support you as you progress through an ACT qualification. The qualification provides you with quantifiable and assessed skills, whilst your ACT membership provides you with access to the ACT's wider knowledge base and a range of benefits to help advance your career - from resources to help you develop your business and behavioural skills at the ACT career hub, to networking opportunities at our events.

You need to hold some form of membership of the ACT whilst you study an ACT qualification or take an ACT Assessment. The type of membership you need to hold will depend on which qualification you are studying for. You can find out more about membership here.

If you have chosen to study with the ACT Learning Academy you will join as a Student member at the same time as booking your online course via the Learning Academy website above.

If you are studying with an ACT Approved Centre or have chosen the assessment only route you need to join as an eAffiliate or Student member here.

Step three - book your assessment and get qualified
When you are ready, you can book and take your assessment. You have to be a member of the ACT by completing step three in order to do this.

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