Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our assessment FAQs below. If your question is not fully covered, or you have a question about the assessments that is not answered here, please contact us at:

What is an ACT Approved Centre? +
Once you have selected the right ACT qualification for you, you can choose where to study for it with an ACT Approved Centre. An approved Centre is a study centre that the ACT has approved to deliver learning.

What is the ACT Learning Academy? +
The ACT Learning Academy is the ACT’s in-house learning centre. Offering maximum flexibility and focused on preparing you for success in your ACT assessments, the ACT Learning Academy delivers resources online through the latest learning management system.

Do I need to be an ACT member to book and sit an assessment? +
You need to hold some form of membership of the ACT whilst you study an ACT qualification or take an ACT Assessment. The type of membership you need to hold will depend on which qualification you are studying for:

CertTF and AwardCMF – eAffiliate member
CertT and CertICM – Student member
DipTM – Affiliate member (or a student member if you have transferred over from the old qualifications)
MCT – Associate member

You can't book or take an assessment if your membership is not up to date.

Do I have to book to sit an assessment? +
Yes, you will need to complete an online assessment booking form and pay the fee.

If you are taking an online exam, you will also need to schedule your exam date and time to be remotely invigilated with ProctorU through the ACT eAssessment Centre.

What happens if I miss the assessment booking deadline? +
It is very important to book for your assessment by the published dates.

If you should miss a particular deadline, you may have to wait until the next assessment period.

You can view the published assessment dates and booking deadlines on each course assessment page.

What do I need to know to take an assessment online? +
User guides are available on the Assessment Need to know page Visit our Need to know page for further details »
Do I need photo ID to sit an exam online? +
You will need to show photo ID to the remote invigilator (proctor), you will be asked to hold up the photo ID to the webcam.
What is the duration of the assessments? +
Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals (CertTF)
One online multiple choice exam (MCQ)
Duration: one and a half hours, but please allow an additional 30 minutes to connect to your proctor

Certificate in Treasury (CertT)
One online exam for each unit (five exams in total)
Duration: each exam is two hours, but please allow an additional 30 minutes to connect to your proctor

Diploma in Treasury Management (DipTM)
Units one and two three hour online written exams
Unit three, four A and four B are a submitted assignment (6,000 words)

Can I defer an assessment? +
We do not accept deferrals, you choose to opt in to take your assessment when you are ready.
Do I have to pay again to retake an assessment if I fail or can’t attend? +
You will need to opt in to take the assessment again by completing the online assessment booking form and paying the fee.
What is the ACT eAssessment Centre?+
The ACT eAssessment centre is an online website where ACT candidates can schedule, sit their online assessment and upload an assignment.
When will I be given access to the ACT eAssessment Centre? +
When you first book your assessment you will be given access to the site, you will receive your username and password by email.
I can’t remember my username and password for the ACT eAssessment Centre, what should I do? +
Your username is the email address you have set as your preferred email address with the ACT. If you forget your password, use the forgotten password function available from the login page.
Are there specimen exam papers I can look at? +
If you have purchased the online learning, these are available to you in the Learning Academy. If you have booked onto an assessment and have access to the eAssessment Centre, the specimen papers are available in the Info hub.
Who are ProctorU? +
ProctorU is a live online proctoring (invigilation) service for test takers taking exams online. The invigilators (proctors) use a three-step process to replicate the face-to-face proctoring experience over the internet.
For those with access to the eAssessment centre, there is a demo of how the online proctoring works located within the Info hub.
What is a Proctor? +
A proctor is an American term for an invigilator.
When I book my assessment does that mean it is also scheduled with ProctorU? +
You book for your assessment and pay the fee via the ACT but you must schedule your assessment date (CertTF only) and the time with Proctor U via the ACT eAssessment Centre.
Why does my exam window list different dates available for scheduling my CertTF exam? +
The exam windows are based on a time zone of UTC +/-0 hours. Therefore the dates and times available may change depending on the time zone you select when creating your user profile with ProctorU.

For example:

For those sitting in the UK this December, the first available time to schedule your exam for will be 12:15am on the 1st December, with the last available time being 11:45pm on the 4th December. The times and dates available will change according to the time zone you choose.

When should I schedule my assessment with ProctorU? +
We recommend you do this as soon as you are booked for the assessment. You must schedule no later than five days before you intend to sit the assessment
How do I schedule my assessment with ProctorU? +
You do this via the ACT eAssessment Centre, go to ‘Schedule exam’ from the homepage. Refer to your eAssessment user guide for details on how to do this.
Will I receive confirmation of my scheduled assessment with ProctorU? +
ProctorU will send a confirmation email with the date and time you have chosen plus instructions for connecting with your invigilator on the day. Please keep this email.
What are the technical requirements for using ProctorU? +
Details on the technical requirements are available on the Assessment - need to know.Visit our Need to know page for further details »
I have scheduled with ProctorU, at what location can I sit my assessment? +
You can sit your assessment anywhere using your PC/Laptop providing it meets the minimum requirements as stated on the Need to know page. Should you want to sit your exam at a place of work, please ensure that you test your equipment via the eAssessment centre and select 'connect to a live person' and ask for a full compatibility check to download the applet, as this will help determine if your work place firewall will prevent you from sitting.
I have scheduled my start time, do I need to log on before hand? +
You need to be logged on to the eAssessment centre a few minutes before your exam start time, to sit your exam you proceed to 'schedule exam' first and then select 'connect to proctor' once the countdown has reached zero. This will be at the time you scheduled your exam to start, you will then connect to a proctor, go through security checks and begin your exam.
Please note that this can take up to 15 minutes or longer depending on your connection speed.
Do I need to test my equipment before taking an assessment online? +
Yes, you must test your equipment in advance of your exam day, you can do this via the ACT eAssessment Centre, Test Equipment. Remember to select 'connect to a live person' to fully test the live connection as this may determine if firewalls will prevent you from sitting at a particular location.
Can I use my own calculator in an online assessment? +
An on-screen scientific calculator will be provided as part of the assessment software.
How and when will I receive my assessment results? +
For the Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals (CertTF) you will receive a provisional indication of pass or fail on screen at the end of the assessment.

Your confirmed result will be available for you to view within the eAssessment centre under 'my results' no later than five working days from the last exam of each testing window.

For CertT and DipTM, your results will be marked and moderated before receiving an email notifying you that your results are available to view within the 'My results' section of the eAssessment centre. Published result dates for the CertT and DipTM are available to view on each assessment course page.

What is the structure of the assessments? +
The structure of the new qualifications allows you to focus on the key subject areas associated with each unit, and importantly, how that knowledge applies to practice. The assessments for the new qualifications have been designed to help develop the skills and competencies associated with treasury roles and as such, for CertT and DipTM each unit will have its own assessment. This will enable you to see your progress as you go, rather than taking just one assessment having completed the studies for an entire qualification.

The new assessments for CertTF, CertT and unit 1 & 2 of DipTM will be online and remotely invigilated. This means that you will be able to take your assessments at a place that is convenient to you, so you won’t have to travel to and from exam centres, which will reduce the time, stress and personal costs associated with assessments.

Remote invigilation is probably a new experience for most, but by using screen sharing technology and real-time invigilation, ACT can be assured of a secure exam environment, even if the test is taken in your home, which makes taking an exam more relaxed and certainly convenient.

How and when do I get my pre-seen case study (DipTM Unit 1 and 2)? +
Your case study is available in the eAssessment Centre under ‘Take exam’. This will be available no later than two weeks prior to the assessment date. You will receive an email to tell you when it is available.

How and when do I get my DipTM assignment brief (DipTM Unit 3, 4a and 4B? +
You download your assignment brief from the ACT eAssessment Centre under ‘My assignments’. This will be available no later than 4 weeks before the deadline date to submit. You will receive an email to tell you when it is available.

How and when do I submit a DipTM assignment? +
You will submit your completed assignment by the published deadline via the eAssessment Centre. You upload this in the ‘My assignment’ section. For the published deadlines visit the DipTM assessment page here

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