Certificate in Corporate Finance and Funding (CertCFF)

Key facts

How you study

Online distance learning with dedicated tutor support


4 study units

Duration & study time

6 months; 200 study hours


Written exam (3 hrs)

Enrolment routes

Enrol as a standalone cert
Enrol as part of AMCT

Upcoming intakes

Start Apr 15: Exam 8 Oct 15

Enrolment deadlines

15 Mar: Oct exam sitting


Standalone certificate: £1320+VAT

Part of AMCT Diploma: £1190+VAT

Dubai package:
AED 9500

Pure and applied corporate finance with a treasury focus

Financial decision making is core to any organisation. CertCFF will provide you with the knowledge and skills to participate in that process, and unique insights into how such decisions are translated into action in treasury. By ensuring that you understand both theory and application, you will have the confidence to participate in corporate finance decisions, and deal with the everyday problems encountered in corporate financial management and the capital markets.

Is this qualification for you?

CertCFF will deliver on your career needs and goals if you:

  • Work in treasury (including advisory and consultancy), or want to join a treasury or corporate finance department, and need a better understanding of corporate finance and funding.
  • Are moving into a financing role and need to consolidate your knowledge of the theories and techniques that underpin much of the day-to-day activity.
  • Want to develop your financial knowledge with a view to a more generalist finance role in the future.

Why take this qualification?

  • To demonstrate you have the core finance knowledge, technical and practical skills in corporate finance and funding required for a senior role in treasury or corporate finance.
  • Enhance your career with a certified professional qualification from the leading provider of international treasury education.
  • Be eligible to become a member of the CFF faculty which offers continuous professional development and networking opportunities for CertCFF holders.

What will you learn?

  • Identify and apply the appropriate techniques, whether valuing a project or an entire business.
  • Recommend and deliver funding solutions appropriate to your organisation’s capital structure and strategy.
  • Participate with confidence in taking financial decisions which create value for stakeholders.

Take your first step to becoming a qualified treasurer by enrolling on CertCFF as a standalone Certificate or as part of AMCT Diploma.



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