AMCT and certificates

Enrolment deadlines for certificates (standalone or as part of the AMCT)

15 March for exam in October

15 September for exam in April (CertICM only)

Enrolment guidance

Choose your qualification and enrolment route +
  • If you need help deciding which certificate(s) is for you, use Compare courses for an overview. If you need more guidance on selecting a course, you can reach a Treasury Education Advisor by using the online personal advice form.
  • AMCT Diploma or standalone qualification? Decide whether to enrol on a certificate course under the AMCT Diploma-route or as a standalone qualification. If you change your mind after enrolling or during your course of study, and want to transfer from one route to the other, you can do so.
  • If you are enrolling on a certificate under the AMCT Diploma-route you can follow the recommended staged structure of the certificates, or choose to begin with any certificate you prefer.
  • Are you exempt from all or some of the CertFin modules? Make sure you get your documentation together to upload when you enrol online.
Add your learning workshops +
  • If you are interested in adding learning workshops, check the optional workshops that are available for your chosen certificate.
  • You can add the learning workshop/s when you enrol on a certificate using the online enrolment form. You can also add them later, after you are enrolled as a student (subject to learning workshop availability).
Enrol online +
  • Once you know the certificate course(s) you would like to book, you can enrol using the online enrolment form which takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. You must register first.
  • If you are enrolling on CertFin, be sure to have the necessary documentation ready to upload so you can secure any module. exemptions you may be entitled to.
  • Remember to select whether you are enrolling on a certificate course as a standalone qualification or as part of AMCT Diploma so we know how to register you as a student.
  • You should also remember to select whether you are enrolling on the April exam sitting or October exam sitting.
  • You will have the option of paying online over WorldPay using your credit card; you can also request to be invoiced and pay over the phone/fax using a credit or debit card, or by cheque or bank transfer.
What happens next? +
  • Once you submit the online enrolment form, you will receive an email confirmation sent to your preferred email address.
  • We will enrol you on your selected certificates under the qualification route you chose (standalone Certificate or as part of AMCT Diploma). At this time you will become a subscribing student member of the ACT.
  • We will send you a Welcome Pack by email within 10 days of receiving your online enrolment form. The Welcome Pack includes details on your course, how to start studying and how to access the study website.
  • Courses start in early April (for an October exam) and early October (for an April exam). You will have access to the study website once you are enrolled, but you will not have access to your course material until the course start date, even if you enrol early.
  • We will email you on the day the course area of the study website opens so that you don't miss any time getting started.

Need further help?

Contact us if you have any questions about enrolling or difficulties using the online enrolment form.



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