ACT Webinar - What connectivity conundrum? Giving treasurers what they thirst for: freedom of data

12:30 - 13:15 BST, Tuesday 16 June

Homogenous, multibank connectivity is essential for corporate treasurers but somehow difficult to achieve, especially as corporates are responding to more diverse business risks and opportunities globally.

This joint ACT and Gresham Technologies webinar discussed: 

  • How treasurers can make connectivity truly invisible/irrelevant.
  • What is the role of corporates, banks and Fintechs in this? 
  • How treasurers can maximise the return on investment for an ERP/TMS
  • Data in / data out – efficient, accurate, relevant, timely
  • Content is King
  • What if the treasury is not using a TMS/ERP or have a bespoke/in-house build does it simplify or complicate the challenge? 
  • Does size matter – is the answer to these points the same whether an SME vs a Large MNC?
  • Leave it alone during lockdown or a “must fix”- who pays? 


To watch a recording of this webinar, click on the button below.


Harcus Copper
Director – Head of Integration and Information Services, Digital Banking
Bill Wrest
Senior Strategist
Gresham Technologies



Peter Matza
Speakers' Chair

This event has now passed

This webinar: What connectivity conundrum? Giving treasurers what they thirst for: freedom of data, took place on Tuesday 16 June at 12:30 - 13:15 BST

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