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ACT professional qualifications

Treasury professionals' roles have taken centre stage within business and financial strategy and their relationships with the board of directors strengthened. Skilled and qualified treasury professionals are now more in-demand than ever, and, with the transferable skills you will learn, there has never been a better time to join the profession.

Why study ACT qualifications?

The ACT supports the growth and development of high-potential and skilled treasury professionals who operate at the heart of the most successful companies and shape the financial health of their organisations. We want to inspire talented individuals to choose an exciting, and rewarding career as the treasurers of tomorrow.

Setting you up for a successful career

We don’t just train you to pass your exams, we teach broad range of competencies to set you up for a successful career in treasury and finance. Our treasury and cash management qualifications are internationally recognised benchmarks from the Chartered body for the profession that recruiters and employers look for on candidate CVs.

Give employers confidence in your skills

ACT qualifications are underpinned by the ACT Competency Framework. This sets the standard for superior treasury practice that drives the performance of successful organisations around the world and give employers the confidence that you have the knowledge and skills to meet their needs.

The ACT difference - the letters after your name

Qualifying with the ACT is just the start of your professional journey with us. By taking up your membership (and renewing it each year) you are eligible to use ACT designatory letters - a mark of distinction on your business card and in your professional title. It is these letters after your name that will ultimately set you apart; your membership of the chartered body for treasury shows your onward commitment and instils confidence in employers, colleagues and clients alike that you are maintaining the very highest professional standards.

 ACT qualification is wider than just learning the fundamentals of treasury. It's practical application gives you the ability and a thorough know-how of of the treasury and financial management to optimally manage financial risks of a business and go beyond to add value. It's a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee. Arun Singh, Treasury Advisory Lead, Middle East Deloitte

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