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Internationally recognised pathway to qualification

As the leading global professional body for treasurers, the ACT offers internationally recognised benchmark qualifications for individuals who operate within the treasury function and those with treasury responsibilities in their roles.

The ACT is committed to upholding the professional standards of treasurers, and those with treasury responsibilities, to help them be more effective in their jobs. As the world’s markets change it is important our qualifications continue to reflect the needs of the profession. The changes are a natural part of our ongoing education programme and the ACT’s commitment to be the global standard bearer for treasury.

How the qualifications have changed

We have revised our syllabi against the ACT Competency Framework which is the result of consultation with senior treasurers from multinational corporations, banks and learning and development teams worldwide. Mapping our qualifications against the skills and competencies of the framework means we continue to have the most up to date and relevant qualifications for real-world treasury practice.

ACT treasury qualifications

The ACT offers a progressive learning path for those choosing treasury. Our qualifications are mapped to four treasury job levels of the ACT Competency Framework: tactical, operational, managerial and strategic. This means there is a qualification to suit your needs at whatever level you are at. You can study to support your career development as your progress from a junior to more senior position or jump on and off the study pathway at your appropriate level. Flexibility is a key part of the ACT learning experience - you can progress at a pace that suits you.

Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals Certificate in Treasury Diploma in Treasury Management MCT Advanced Diploma
What to expect
This is a perfect first step into treasury and corporate finance that equips you with the knowledge and tactical ‘hands-on’ skills to better understand and support business. You’ll become a trusted treasury professional, relied upon for your operational competencies and technical know-how. You’ll add value to the business or your clients by offering practical guidance to colleagues, while driving continuous improvements. You’ll become a confident professional across all areas of treasury management. You’ll be the go-to person for in-depth technical treasury expertise, and respected for your ability to problem solve and enable the business to meet its objectives. Regarded as a forward thinker, you’ll be a respected senior finance professional with significant influence who shapes business strategy to deliver success.
ACT Competency Framework level
Tactical level Operational level Managerial level Strategic level
Entry requirements
No entry requirements Successful completion of the CertTF, qualified accountant, relevant degree or prior industry experience Successful completion of the Certificate in Treasury or APEL route Successful completion of the Diploma in Treasury Management
Study time
150 study hours 250 study hours 600 study hours 800 study hours
Course content
Three compulsory units
1. Introduction to the financial world
2. Principles of treasury operations
3. Overview of financial markets and corporate finance
Five units
1. The context of treasury
2. Cash and liquidity management
3. Corporate finance
4. Ethics, governance and regulation in treasury
5. Risk analysis and management
Three compulsory units
1. Corporate finance for treasury
2. Risk management for treasury
3. The treasury manager
Plus one of these optional units:
4A: Financial reporting, tax and regulation for treasury
4B. Working capital and trade finance
Three study units
1. Treasury strategy
2. Treasury applications
3. Strategic treasury solutions
Followed by:
4. Exam unit
5. Project unit
Assessment method
1.5 hour online multiple choice exam 2 hour online exam per unit Units 1 and 2:
3 hour online exam per unit
Units 3, 4a and 4b:
One assignment per unit
Tutor-marked assignments
Online participation
ACT membership level
eAffiliate member
You’re a student member while you study. Once you complete the certificate, you are eligible become an eAffiliate member and use the letters CertTF after your name.
Affiliate member
You are a student member while you study. Once you complete the certificate, you are eligible to become an Affiliate Member and use the letters CertT after your name.
Associate member
You are a student member while you study. Once you complete the diploma, you are eligible to become an Associate Member and use the letters AMCT after your name.
You are a student member while you study. Once you complete the advanced diploma, you are eligible to become a Fellow and use the letters FCT after your name.
More information
Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals Certificate in Treasury Diploma in Treasury Management MCT Advanced Diploma

ACT cash management qualifications

We also offer:

Award in Cash Management Fundamentals
Designed to provide students with an understanding of the essentials of cash management and working capital, allowing those who are new to the subject the opportunity to get to grips with fundamental areas

Certificate in International Cash Management
This is the definitive qualification in cash management for both corporate and financial institutions delivering significant insights from a global perspective.

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