Certificate in Treasury syllabus

The Certificate in Treasury provides a comprehensive grounding in the terminology and core technical concepts of treasury, and how they apply in a way that is relevant and transferable between roles, organisations and locations worldwide.

What will I learn?

The Certificate in Treasury consists of five units:

  • Unit one: The context of treasury
  • Unit two: Cash and liquidity management
  • Unit three: Corporate finance
  • Unit four: Ethics, governance and regulation in treasury
  • Unit five: Risk analysis and management

CertT is for you if you are:

  • have a background in business or finance (either academic or experience)
  • are in the operational stage of your career and need to know about treasury
  • work in a department that works closely with treasury
  • are moving to a treasury role

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Entry requirements

There are several different entry requirements to join the Certificate in Treasury. Click here to view the full list of entry requirements.

If you do not meet the criteria, why not study the Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals


If you are ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW qualified or qualified with an IFAC recognised body, you are exempt from certain units of the CertT. Click here to check the full list of accountancy exemptions.

How do I learn?

The Certificate in Treasury online course learning materials are delivered through the ACT Learning Academy, the ACT's official study centre meaning you:

  • can access learning content wherever you are in the world
  • have the flexibility to study when and where you want
  • can fit your studies around your work and personal commitments

If you would like additional learning support, coaching and revision workshops are also available.

How long will it take to complete my qualification?

The course is supported by online study resources and is assessed online. Each unit will take approximately 50 hours of study time to complete, so around 250 hours study in total. You should be able to complete the course in six to twelve months alongside your full-time work.

You can study the Certificate in Treasury through the ACT Learning Academy. Successful completion of the course and passing all five of the assessments will lead to the award of the Certificate in Treasury.

Assessment – How will I be assessed?

You can book your assessment at any time. You must be an ACT Student member to book and sit an assessment.

The Certificate in Treasury will be assessed through an online examination. There is one, two hour, examination at the end of each of the five units.

You will be provided with information and instructions on the individual assessments at the time of booking with the ACT. However, you will be able to take practice assessments as part of your learning programme to assist in your preparation and familiarise yourself with the types of assessment questions you can expect.

ACT membership

When booking onto the Certificate in Treasury you will need to join as an ACT CertT student member before you can book and sit the assessment. Membership is designed to support you as you progress through an ACT qualification. The qualification provides you with quantifiable and assessed skills, whilst your ACT membership provides you with access to the ACT's wider knowledge base and a range of benefits to help advance your career - from resources to help you develop your business and behavioural skills at the ACT Career Hub, to networking opportunities at our events.

Upon successful completion of the certificate, you will be eligible to become an ACT Affiliate member use the designatory letters CertT. These are what really set you apart and offer a mark of professional distinction to your employers, peers and clients.

If you have chosen to study with the ACT Learning Academy you will join as a student member at the same time as you book your online course via the ACT Learning Academy. Your student membership will be valid for the duration of your ACT Learning Academy 24 month learning licence.

If you are studying with an ACT Approved Centre or have chosen the assessment only route, you need to join as an ACT student member here You will need to keep your membership up to date to book and sit the assessment.

You can find out more about membership here.

The ACT Competency Framework

The competency framework defines the key technical skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to be effective when working in or with the treasury profession. To help you identify which competencies are relevant to you, we’ve mapped them to four treasury job levels: tactical, operational, managerial and strategic.


The content of the CertT introduces skills required to operate at an operational level.

For more information about the competency
framework visit here

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