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ACT is the authentic voice of the treasury profession; educating, supporting and leading the treasurers of today and tomorrow.

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From qualifications through to CPD, ACT enables and supports treasury professionals throughout their careers by:

  • providing clear treasury leadership and a trusted dynamic global network of experts
  • raising the profile of the profession, growing its influence and championing its success
  • having high-level real economy influence with policy makers and regulators

Our structure

Council is the governing body of the ACT. It is ultimately responsible for the stewardship and management of the ACT’s affairs and accountable to the members. Day-to-day management is delegated to the Chief Executive and, through him to the Executive team.

Council consists of up to nine elected members who serve a three-year term, four Officers – President, Deputy President, Vice President and Immediate Past President – and the Chief Executive. The normal succession route for Officers is Vice President, Deputy President, President and finally, Immediate Past President with each post lasting one year.

For further information about Council and its committees see Guidelines for Council

Council members for the term commencing 1 May 2014

Officers and elected members cannot be contacted via the ACT. To speak to a member of the executive team please see the Contact Us page.


Martyn Smith

Martyn Smith FCT
Chief Financial Officer, Weybourne Partners

Yann Umbricht

Yann Umbricht AMCT
Deputy President
Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Fiona Crisp

Fiona Crisp FCT
Vice President
Treasury Consultant, Crisp Consultants

Jonathan Slade

Jonathan Slade MCT
Immediate Past President
Global Head of Corporate Finance, Rio Tinto

Elected members

Charles Barlow

Charles Barlow FCT
Group Treasurer, Coats

Antony Barnes

Antony Barnes FCT
Director of Tax and Treasury, Experian

David Blackwood

David Blackwood FCT
Chief Financial Officer, Synthomer

Ian Chisolm

Ian Chisholm MCT
Vice President Financial Markets, Royal Dutch Shell

Lesley Flowerdew

Lesley Flowerdew MCT
Tax & Treasury Director, Atkins

Peter Goshawk new

Peter Goshawk FCT
Chair: Membership Development Forum

John Jackson

John Jackson FCT
Group Treasurer, Severn Trent

Dominic Jaques

Dominic Jaques FCT
Managing Director, Tresauris

Alison Stevens

Alison Stevens FCT
Deputy Group Treasurer, Phoenix Group
Chair: Policy & Technical Committee

Co-opted members

  • Rob Alexander, Group Planning Director, JWT London
  • Karen Anderson MCT, Treasury Analyst, Arup
  • Shubhi Rao, Group Treasury Director, Tesco
  • Chief Executive

    • Colin Tyler MCT

    Committee chairs (attend Council meetings)

    Matthew Hurn

    Matthew Hurn FCT
    Executive Director, Group Treasury, Mubadala Development Company
    ACT Middle East Committee

    Committees and Forums

    The Council is supported by a number of voluntary committees:

    • Events and Publishing
    • Membership Development
    • Policy and Technical

    Each committee has a chairman who works closely with the appropriate department in the central office.

    Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board, currently chaired by Chris Jones, a former President of the ACT, consists of members drawn from senior positions in finance and commerce, including financial journalists and regulators. No serving member of Council may be a member of the Board. The Board meets at least once a year to discuss and advise on matters of importance to the ACT and its members, including commenting on the ACT's policies, governance and strategic plan. The chairman of the Board makes an annual presentation to Council.

    The current members of the Advisory Board are:

    • Chris Jones (Chairman)
    • Andrew Bailey, Deputy Governor for Prudential Regulation and Chief Executive Officer of the Prudential Regulation Authority
    • Paul Boyle OBE, Aviva plc, Chief Audit Officer
    • Philippa Foster Back CBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics
    • Richard Gillingwater CBE, Non Executive Chairman of Henderson Global Investors
    • Michael Kirkwood, CMG Chairman, Ondra Partners
    • Mark Morris
    • John Plender, Leader & Feature Writer, Financial Times
    • Ian Plenderleith CBE, Chairman, BH Macro, former DG, South African Reserve Bank
    • Dr Tony Watson CBE, Senior Independent Director, Lloyds Banking Group
    • Rebecca Worthington, CEO, Lodestone Capital

    For further information about our Advisory Board members click here

    Appointments, Remuneration and Audit Committee (ARAC)

    ARAC is chaired by the Immediate Past President and consists of the President and up to three other non-Officer members of Council. In addition there may be up to three non-Council members. ARAC members are appointed by Council with at least one member being a qualified accountant. It meets four times a year and more frequently as required; at least once a year ARAC meets with the auditors without members of the executive team present.

    The current members of ARAC are:

    • Fiona Crisp, Treasury Consultant, Crisp Consultants
    • Lucy Fuller, Group Treasurer, Smith & Nephew
    • Jonathan Slade, Global Head of Corporate Finance, Rio Tinto
    • Stevan Rolls, Partner, Deloitte
    • David Swann
    • Yann Umbricht, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
    • Bob Williams (Chairman), Regional Finance Director, Barratt Dvelopments

    You can download the ARAC Terms of Reference and the ARAC Control Schedule.

    The executive team

    For contact details for every member of staff, visit the contact us page.

    • Melissa Brittain, Head of HR and Facilities
    • Charles Cresswell, Head of Information Systems
    • John Grout, Policy & Technical Director
    • Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, Director of Education
    • James Lockyer, Development Director
    • Peter Matza, Engagement Director
    • Denis Murphy, Sponsorship Director
    • Tony McIntyre, Interim Head of Finance
    • Sharon Newell, Head of Marketing and Communications
    • Ria Robinson, Director of Membership & Company Secretary
    • Colin Tyler, Chief Executive

    Regional Groups

    There are a number of regional groups in the UK and other countries. Through regular meetings, they provide support to members, students and other interested parties. Each group is run by one or more members - Regional Group Organisers (RGOs).

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