Statutory and Professional Guidance

The Ethical Code and Disciplinary Rules

The ethical code and disciplinary rules apply to all members of the ACT, as defined in Article 2.6 of the ACT's Articles of Association, namely:

  • Associate Members
  • Members
  • Honorary Fellows
  • Fellows
  • Corporate Members
  • Duly appointed representatives of Corporate Members

They also apply to students, Faculty Members and International Affiliates.

The ethical code and disciplinary rules provide an effective framework for the conduct of treasury activities. Procedures for dealing with those who are found to be in breach of the Code have helped ensure that treasurers act in accordance with the highest professional standards.

Any person concerned about the conduct of a member, student, Faculty Member, International Affiliates, member of the ACT management team, Council or any of its committees should refer in the first instance to the speaking up policy.

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