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Our Royal Charter

In 2013 ACT was awarded a Royal Charter in recognition of our commitment to supporting the treasury profession.

The grant of new Charters these days is comparatively rare; reserved for eminent professional bodies or charities which have a solid record of achievement and are financially sound. And in the case of professional bodies they should represent a field of activity which is unique and not covered by other professional bodies.

We are proud to join the ranks of the 1000 or so Chartered bodies that have come into existence since the 13th century, and are even prouder to do so in the knowledge that we are the only one dedicated to setting the standard against which corporate treasury can be measured.

What is a Royal Charter?

Royal Charters are granted by the Sovereign on the advice of the Privy Council. They are reserved for certain sorts of bodies, with the common feature that they operate in the public interest. Professional bodies are one of the classes of body that can seek incorporation by Royal Charter, and a Charter has come to be regarded as the gold standard for today’s professions. A Charter is an assurance to the public that the body is sound and well established, and that its members have a high level of qualification and experience, which is kept up to date; and that their conduct and activities will be properly monitored.

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What does this mean for the ACT and its members?

Our Royal Charter recognises what we have all achieved in increasing the profile and integrity of the treasury profession, in setting a benchmark for treasury excellence, and reinforces both the ACT’s public standing and crucially, that of our members, in the UK and internationally.

Gaining a Royal Charter will not change our qualifications, member designatory letters or member voting rights. It is a Charter for the ACT, not individual members.

Benefits of gaining a Royal Charter

Being a member of a Chartered body is a clear differentiating factor from other organisations. It provides an external and official 'seal of approval' for the ACT, the profession and our members. It gives:

  • External acknowledgement of the treasury profession.
  • Greater recognition for members.
  • Increased profile and reputation for the ACT, our members and the profession. This we strongly believe will help attract additional students and members.
  • Confidence in the profession.

ACT's Royal Charter

The ACT was incorporated by Royal Charter on 1 January 2013

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Royal Charter
Royal Charter Bye-laws

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