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Past webinars

All of our webinars go on-demand after the live stream and are free to watch at a time that suits you.  

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ACT Webinar: Forecasting the credit outlook for 2024
29 November
What do treasurers need to know in order to plan effectively for 2024? This webinar is a must-attend for treasurers working on their plans and projections for next year.
ACT Webinar - Navigating counterparty challenges: dynamic credit risk management
12 October
In this webinar, held in association with HSBC Asset Management, learn about how treasurers can manage counterparty risk during uncertain times.
ACT Webinar: Short-term funding in uncertain times: commercial paper market dynamics and benefits
13 July
In this ACT webinar with Fitch Ratings, we heard about the latest developments in the CP market and whether this might address the challenge of tightening liquidity.
ACT Webinar: A Treasurer's Guide to Opening a Crypto Wallet
8 June
This webinar focused on key aspects of the ACT's guide titled "A treasurer's guide to opening a crypto wallet". We discussed what treasurers need to know about opening a crypto wallet.
ACT Webinar: Supply chain finance - are we there yet?
26 January
This webinar looked at supply chain finance solutions and addressed why some supply chain finance solutions work and why some fail, bringing examples from real-life case studies.
ACT Webinar: Political and geopolitical volatility - how to forecast the credit outlook for the year ahead
29 November
What should treasurers consider when planning for the year to come? How will the current volatility affect your scenario planning and budgeting for 2023?
ACT Webinar: Cash investments amid rising rates, economic slowdown and market volatility
23 November
Join us for a live discussion with Fitch Ratings on cash investments amid rising rates, economic slowdown and market volatility.
ACT Webinar: Operating in a high-inflation, high interest-rate environment: experiences of established treasurers
14 November
Treasurers today are operating in a new economic environment of high interest rates and high inflation. In this specially extended webinar, discover what treasurers of today need to know, and how their strategies need to change to reflect the new context.


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