Convince your boss

As the only chartered body for the treasury profession, we appreciate how valuable professional development opportunities are.

We understand the difficulty in getting away from your desk (and sign off from your boss) so our new two-day format means you can get the same level of unrivalled content and networking, with the added advantage of less time out of the office.

Here are some ways that you can convince your employer or wider organisation that you cannot miss the ACT Annual Conference in May 2019.

Here’s just a few extra reasons to help sway your case for the 2019 conference:


  • prepare for upcoming challenges and help focus your strategic plan by discovering how regulatory changes will affect your business
  • build your credibility as a driven treasury professional by keeping up to date with the latest treasury developments and thinking – a valuable benchmarking exercise
  • learn from the best – our real life case studies showcase companies who have done exactly that and been successful
  • get practical advice and insight on areas of specific relevance or interest from our range of interactive workshop sessions
  • build your professional network and meet with new and existing suppliers – a great opportunity to make cost and efficiency savings for your organisation
  • research what your peers are up to and make sure that your company always stays one step ahead of the competition
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