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Treasury resources from Themis

We are delighted to partner with Themis to provide resources for the treasury community. Themis’ award winning platform helps clients identify and manage their specific financial crime risks, through a combination of innovation, insight and intelligence.

Financial crime is a very real and evolving problem. It has been described as “a cancer on our society” and “an issue of international security.” Not only is the scale of illicit activity in the trillions of £s, but the impact on all of our businesses, the economy and society is profound. 

Themis helps organisations understand these strategic threats through an ESG and socio-economic lens and protects their customers, staff, suppliers and shareholders from criminal attacks or association.

Modern Slavery Course

This free access course from Themis, accredited by the ACT, has been developed in partnership with the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and the UK Modern Slavery Training Delivery Group, a UK government initiative.

The course is aimed at individuals who work in the entire financial services sector and is also accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance. The learner may explore as many of the sections as they wish.

In addition to general information about modern slavery, the course caters to specific industry sub-sectors and roles.

Click the button below, and register to gain access to this free access course. An accredited certificate can be obtained from Themis upon completion of the final assessment.

Podcast | Financial Crime: A Treasurers Perspective


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