Calling all treasurers!

The times we live in are challenging for many of you, and as your professional body we continue to develop and build on the resources we have to support you. We place the needs of the treasury community and you, our members, at the heart of all we do.

We are lucky as, unlike other professional bodies, we are fortunate to have online qualifications and exams. However, (along with many others) we face challenges in other areas, most notably in our events which provide both incredible CPD to members, keeping you up-to-date with all that’s new in the treasury world, as well as excellent networking opportunities with peers and the ability to build lasting relationships within our network.  Virtual events are going to become the next normal, and will be here to stay, alongside physical events when these will be possible, but as a professional body we are still adjusting, and there are a couple of specific challenges for the ACT: 1) people don’t expect to pay for virtual events, even though the content is the same as for a physical event, and 2) sponsors are finding it difficult to see how networking will be effective for them within a virtual world. We would say to the latter that we are working hard on solutions which will give them that possibility, and indeed our ‘virtual world’ experience has been shown to build new relationships in really interesting ways, and can even provide a more personal environment which may build more genuine relationships. We are developing our virtual events in line with this trend, and members have commented on how good it has been to see sponsors supporting these ACT events. We know that you are looking at how companies are working with, and supporting, the ACT, and we are very grateful for that support.

The treasurer has a lot of influence, and I’d like to call on you, and other members, to further support us through the rest of this year (and possibly beyond) in the following ways:

  • encourage your team members (both in the UK and overseas) to train or get further qualified with us: learning is known to build resilience, so is good for your wellbeing as well as to provide new skills, and is a key factor in career development – and now seems a good time to do this, perhaps in what would have been commuting time!
  • also ensure your wider finance teams (as well as any others you meet who might be interested) are aware of the ACT, our qualifications and training programmes
  • encourage your networks (those not members of the ACT, and including those overseas) to consider joining us, even as an eAffiliate or under a business membership for their team – we can always offer a clinic to answer questions about the ACT and its qualifications to groups
  • remind your banking networks/colleagues that our qualifications and training products can be very relevant for sales, product and relationship managers: getting inside the head of the corporate treasurer and seeing the world through their eyes builds better and more lasting relationships
  • encourage your bank relationships (and if you are a banker, encourage yourself!) to support ACT events as usual – so together we can get through this period of challenge and the ACT can continue to be the ‘glue’ which connects the corporate treasury world (or the ‘real economy’) with its many relationships and stakeholders
  • give us feedback on events, trends in behaviour, and tips for what would make a successful event for you and your teams – and if you have a passion for a particular topic, or a case study you’d like to share, please get in touch with us!
  • and take any opportunity to introduce us to potential future members or sponsors, when you come across them.

This way we’ll preserve the ecosystem that has worked so well for us all for the last 40 years, whilst continuing to adapt and grow as we move forwards into the next.

Thank you!

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