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ACT Middle East Treasury Awards 2023

Dubai, UAE
18:45 - 00:00 | 23 October 2023

Celebrating treasury excellence in the region at the ACT Middle East Awards

The ACT Middle East Treasury Awards took place on 23 October 2023. The awards honoured the achievements of corporate treasurers, recognised companies and individuals who had been innovative and excelled in corporate treasury. For the first time since 2019, we presented the awards at a black-tie dinner.

View our 2023 award winners and celebrate the outstanding achievements of treasurers, their teams and deals. 

Award categories


Treasury Management
  • Treasury Systems
  • Cash Management
  • Risk Management
  • Treasury Transformation
  • Sustainability


Corporate Funding
  • Capital Raising
  • M&A
  • Working Capital Solutions
Teams of the Year
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


Professional of the Year
  • Service Provider
  • Treasurer
  • Future Leaders in Treasury

Award category criteria


Treasury Systems

This is the category for you if you have recently implemented or upgraded a TMS. Tell us how you rose to the challenge, and what improvements it made to the way you manage the treasury function.

Cash Management

Cash is king, as we know, so what did you deliver that improved its management? Was it about how cash was pooled, either notionally or otherwise, or did you create greater transparency across the business, or was it more about how you improved your forecasting of cash?

Risk Management

Treasurers manage financial risks and opportunities. What kinds of risk (interest, counterparty, FX) have you managed successfully over the last year, and what difference did it make to you and the business?

Treasury Transformation

This category looks to pull together a variety of achievements which transformed your treasury function. Was it a restructure, a merger, or something else? The key here is significant change, within your context.


(can include D&I, policy/reporting framework, green investments/bonds)
ESG covers so many areas, this is a category with a lot of potential. Are we talking green finance, diversity & inclusion, or some change/improvement in governance? Tell us what you are proud of which has really made a difference.


Capital Raising

What capital did you raise and how? What was innovative about what you did, what were the challenges, and were you a first in the market in something?


This category is looking for a merger or acquisition story where treasury had strong influence in terms of ensuring success – whether it was the funding, or the merging itself.

Working Capital Solutions

What working capital solution have you implemented that you are particularly proud of? Was it something new and innovative in supply chain finance, was it around liquidity, or maybe you implemented something which also gave benefit to others further along in the supply chain?



This award is for a team of 2-4 people. Tell us about what you have achieved over the last year, whether in terms of team-building, deals entered into, systems changes etc.


This award is for teams of 5-9 people. As with the small team category, we want to hear about everything you have been doing, and why your team is the best in the Middle East region.


This award is for a team of 10+. The judges are looking for the same things as with the small and medium teams, but here a greater depth and sophistication might be expected.


Service Provider

(open to non-banking or financial institutions eg. legal, technology, recruitment, advisor): Who has been the best service-provider to your corporate treasury team? Their customer service will have been outstanding, they will have listened carefully to your needs, and they will have been a trusted relationship through bad times as well as good.


The Treasury Professional of the Year will have impressed you with their ability to either lead a team or influence from the ground up. They will have led on important change initiatives in their organization and will have demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and integrity throughout.

Future Leader in Treasury

They could come from any background, buy or sell side, but the key criteria will be around how they have positively influenced the profession so far, and what potential they show in terms of influencing the future.

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