Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
27-28 September 2022
Take a look at the working two-day agenda below and stay tuned for exciting updates and speaker announcements. Subject to final confirmation.

With the success of Expo in Dubai, and the Qatari World Cup taking place later in 2022, the Middle East is firmly in the spotlight; coupled with its geopolitical balancing act between regional and global players, it’s an exciting and unique time for the region and many of its key players. The question now for treasurers is how to operate in this changing regional and global environment, that is being transformed by technology and a drive towards sustainability. These factors are also driving a changing workforce, and require a new skill set for the treasurer to effectively support their wider business. This year's agenda will focus on best practice and excellence across treasury and financial risk management, whether that be in FX, funding, cash management and beyond.

Day one

Tuesday 27 September 2022

08:30 Registration, refreshments and exhibition opens

Welcome and opening remarks from the ACT

Room: Joharah 6+7


Opening keynote address

Room: Joharah 6+7


The GCC: A new beginning?

Room: Joharah 6+7

11:15 Morning refreshments in the exhibition hall

Stage sessions

Choose between stages A, B, or C

Stage A
Room: Joharah 5

ESG: what role can corporate treasurers play in the transition? 

Stage B
Room: Joharah 6

Working capital and supply chains: what happens elsewhere?

Stage C
Room: Joharah 7

Cash management post-pandemic: learnings for today’s treasurers

12:45 Lunch in the exhibition hall

Stage sessions

Choose between stages D, E, or F

Stage D
Room: Joharah 5

The transition from LIBOR – an ongoing process

Stage E
Room: Joharah 6

Real-time payments: a necessity or a luxury?

Stage F
Room: Joharah 7

Risk management: the core role of the treasurer? 

14:45 Afternoon refreshments in the exhibition hall

Stage sessions

Choose between stages G, H, or J

Stage G
Room: Joharah 5

Data: an ever-increasing supply

Stage H
Room: Joharah 6

FX and hedging policies in challenging economic times

Stage J
Room: Joharah 7

Alternatives for financing

16:15 Move to next session

Stage sessions

Choose between stages K, L, or M

Stage K
Room: Joharah 5

Cybersecurity and fraud: prevention from the front-line

Stage L
Room: Joharah 6

How to develop as a treasurer?

Stage M
Room: Joharah 7

Sustainable bank lending

17:15 Close of day one and ACT Middle East Treasury Awards


Day two

Wednesday 28 September 2022

08:30 Breakfast and exhibition opens

A difficult world – geopolitical risks impacting the Middle East

Room: Joharah 6+7


Automation and the long term: the perception from a futurist

Room: Joharah 6+7

11:00 Morning refreshments in the exhibition hall

Treasury labs

Choose between treasury labs 1, 2, and 3

Treasury lab 1
Room: Joharah 5

Blockchain – practical use-cases in trade

Treasury lab 2
Room: Joharah 6

TMS implementation

Treasury lab 3
Room: Joharah 7

Corporation tax in the UAE: the practical impacts

12:15 Move to next session

Treasury labs

Choose between treasury labs 4, 5, and 6

Treasury lab 4
Room: Joharah 5

How do you maintain organisational and team culture with long-term remote and hybrid working?

Treasury lab 5
Room: Joharah 6

Documentation and e-signatures

Treasury lab 6
Room: Joharah 7

Treasury in Saudi Arabia

13:00 Lunch in the exhibition hall

Digital assets for treasurers: the debate

Room: Joharah 6+7


Plenary session: Treasury 2035: What will treasury look like?

Room: Joharah 6+7


Closing keynote: A question of talent

Room: Joharah 6+7


Closing remarks

Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Room: Joharah 6+7

15:50 Close of conference

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