ACT Treasury Network South West Event

Lloyds Bank, Ground Floor, Canons House, Canons Way, Bristol, BS1 5LL
18.30, 22 January 2020

We would like to invite you to the next ACT Treasury Network, South West meeting which will kindly be hosted by Lloyds in Bristol on 22 January 2020.

It is widely acknowledged that LIBOR is a key interest rate benchmark for hundreds of trillions of dollars in financial products and contracts worldwide, including corporate loans, derivatives, corporate bonds/FRNs, structured debt products, deposits and mortgages. It also plays a central role for many banks’ internal funding benchmarks and Insurer Solvency II balance sheets.

In July 2017, the Financial Conduct Authority signalled the potential discontinuation of LIBOR beyond 2021. One year later, Andrew Bailey, CEO of the FCA, further reinforced the message that market participants should not rely on LIBOR's continuation beyond 2021, and are strongly encouraged to make plans for transition.

But what does a transition from LIBOR to an alternative benchmark mean for those using the trillions of dollars of financial products and contracts around the globe which reference LIBOR?

For an informed discussion on the potential implications of the LIBOR transition for your business, please join us at our next event in January. Booking early is recommended.


  • Sarah Boyce, Associate Director - Policy & Technical, ACT
  • Richard Meddleton, Senior Director, IBOR Transition Team, Lloyds Bank


All are welcome to attend; members, students and any colleagues who may be interested.

Chatham House rules will apply. This means that after the meeting you can use and share your learnings but you must use strict discretion about who you heard it from and what organisation it was regarding. This enables us to share more information in an atmosphere of trust.


Bookings have now closed

Bookings have now closed for this event but if you have any questions please email Zoe Norris,

This event is free to attend

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