ACT event rates explained

ACT member

This refers to an individual who is a current ACT member in the following membership categories: Fellow (FCT), Associate member (AMCT), affiliate member and student member. Nominated business members can also benefit from this rate.

ACT eAffiliate members do not qualify for event discounts but have a number of benefits which can be found here.

Find out more about different levels of membership here.

Charity and unemployed corporate rate.

This discounted rate is available for those who are not currently in employment and would normally work for a non-financial corporate organisation or work for a charitable organisation. If you work for your charity, please provide your work email address.  

FIs (financial institutions)

Financial service companies including; banks, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, asset managers, rating agencies and mutual funds.


Consultants include those companies who provide expert advisory services in any number of specialist fields, from treasury consultancy and accountancy through to legal and actuarial services.

Service providers

This refers to companies who are suppliers to the treasury and financial sectors.

Non-financial corporates

‘Non-financial’ refers to any corporation that primarily produces goods or non-financial services. Some examples include manufacturers, communication companies and retailers. This category also covers any company that falls under the not-for-profit sector, including public sector companies. Individuals at bank/FI/consultant/service provider organisations who work within the company’s treasury department are also included in this category e.g. job title of Group Treasurer, Treasury Assistant etc.

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