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ACT Webinar: ESG market trends: today’s challenges for corporates

19 April 2023, 12:30-13:30 BST

What do treasurers need to know about the current ESG market trends?

After years of pledges, stakeholders are questioning more closely how governments and companies will actually implement net-zero targets. Will it be business as usual as companies try to weather the storm or will there be more considerable consequences?

This webinar, in association with Sustainable Fitch, discussed the latest updates in ESG market trends, addressing topics such as product developments, the growth of SLL, the importance and availability of transitional finance, the practical aspects of implementing a net zero target in your organisation and much more.


We covered the following topics

  • the importance/availability of transitional finance
  • what has actually changed as a result of the updated LMA/ICMA principles?
  • the impact on ESG of activism
  • how are newly ESG-focused investors such as private equity, private debt funds, and retail investors causing ESG priorities to shift for issuers
  • the practical aspects of implementing a net zero target in your organisation.

Meet the speakers

Marina Petroleka

Head of Research 
Sustainable Fitch

Marina leads a global team of research analysts undertaking detailed research and analysis on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) themes, as well as analysis of insights derived from Sustainable Fitch’s proprietary ESG ratings, scores, and assessments, with an aim to support investors and participants in the fixed income markets to identify emerging risks and understand prevailing trends in this space.

Tariq Kazi

Director of Treasury
Southern Housing

Tariq Kazi is Director of Treasury for Southern Housing, a not-for-profit provider of social and affordable housing. Southern Housing is a leading adopter of the Housing Associations’ Sustainability Reporting Standard and an issuer of GBP bonds under a Sustainable Finance Framework. A former banker and MCT exam-qualified treasurer, Tariq is also a member of ACT Council.

This event has now passed

ACT Webinar: ESG market trends: today’s challenges for corporates took place on 19 April 2023

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