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ACT members and volunteers help us make a lot of great things possible, including raising the profile of treasury and strengthening the profession.

Our volunteer vacancy list below shows what opportunities there are for you to get involved with us. If you have any questions, or would like further information please contact Zoe Norris on +44 (0)20 7847 2548 or volunteer@treasurers.org.

Why volunteer?

"I volunteered in the technical team and loved being at the heart of treasury thinking – what the policy and technical team do has a direct impact on the legislative and regulatory changes taking place. They are in a great position to provide the non-financial perspective and they can provide useful resources to helps members through these changes. Working with the team provided me with a real sense of achievement and of involvement, I really felt like I was ‘doing good’ - and from a professional perspective it enabled me to broaden my network and was a really good thing to add to my CV!"
Jim Tapper, Assistant Treasurer, Dyson.

  • It’s a great opportunity to give back to the profession and be involved in key decisions with leading bodies, such as HM Treasury and the European Association of Corporate Treasurers
  • It provides a chance to discuss areas of interest (such as cash management, funding and financial products/markets) with like-minded colleagues
  • It provides access to significant networking opportunities with treasurers and other finance professionals and can help you build your personal profile and brand
  • If you are in transition or going in to retirement it provides a great way to keep involved with treasury issues
  • Volunteering is excellent CPD – a wonderful addition to your CPD record and your CV

How does volunteering work?

We are looking for members to share their knowledge and to support the ACT. Putting together a flexible pool of volunteers will mean we can share things around, ensuring that if something comes up at work, or you are on holiday, you don’t need to worry about making time.

How do I volunteer?

Contact Zoe Norris on +44 (0)20 7847 2548 or volunteer@treasurers.org and let us know if you have particular areas of interest (be they topics or activities) or would just like to get involved more generally and are unclear as to how you might do this. Have a chat with us and let's see how you can become involved.

How can you help?

Policy & Technical team

The Policy & Technical team at the ACT work in the public and the profession’s interest to influence policy and ensure decision makers understand the impact of proposed changes to regulation and market practice on non-financial corporates.

  • Influencing decision makers

We represent the position of the treasury profession to government, regulators and policy makers and provide the real economy perspective

  • Informing treasurers

We monitor developments in regulation, market evolution, technology and the economy which impact on treasury activity and provide informed and unbiased technical advice

In addition to the help sought below we are looking for volunteers to assist with delivering the Policy and Technical twin objectives of Influencing decision makers and Informing treasurers. This is an unremunerated voluntary role with reasonable expenses paid. To view the job description click here.

Help sought in the Policy & Technical area

Providing content

One of the principle aims of the P&T team is to keep treasurers informed of developments. Given the rapid developments in financial markets, regulation and the broader economy, this is an ongoing challenge. Therefore, we are always interested in receiving content from our professionals in practice that we can share with our members.

What’s involved? Writing blogs or articles.

How much time will it take up? As long as you want – as long as it takes to author an article. Most are 800 -1500 words long so an afternoon’s work perhaps. These can be one-off articles or part of a series if there is an area you’d like to get more involved with.

What skills do I need? The ability to communicate complex ideas clearly.

Technical review of content

Throughout the year the ACT produces a wide variety of content – from handbooks covering topics as diverse as investing cash or loan documentation, through articles for publication in The Treasurer magazine, to blogs and guidance notes published online.

What’s involved? We are looking for people who might be willing to review materials.

How much time will it take up? This is entirely up to you and can be done ad hoc. If you have particular areas of interest and you would be happy to review content covering that topic, there may be one or two articles a year (so a few hours); if you would like to be involved on a more regular basis (e.g. with reviewing the content of the magazine), this would be a monthly commitment.

What skills do I need? Knowledge of and interest in technical matters and a desire to ensure that they are explained accurately and simply. Good written English.

The Treasurer magazine technical review

What’s involved? Provide support to the ACT team to maintain the editorial independence and integrity of The Treasurer magazine and help to ensure it is a high quality source of information and professional development for treasury professionals. Members of this working group would be asked to review articles for accuracy and relevance as well as provide input into which topics would make good reading – in particular, areas of technical interest, how-to guides, profile candidates and case studies.

How much time will it take up? You will usually be asked to review a specified number of pages/articles each issue within a relatively short time frame – two to three-day turnaround. You can specify a particular area of interest or expertise (eg cash management). It is anticipated that you would provide 1-2 hours of support a month.

What skills do I need? To have technical expertise and experience of treasury and finance areas in order to be able to check if information is correct and contribute to ideas.

Supporting ACT events, conferences and webinars

The ACT runs a number of events throughout the year. All these events require technical input. This includes getting involved with programme development (i.e. what topics are of interest to members); presenting, taking part in panels, facilitating or otherwise contributing to an event.

What’s involved? We are looking for people who might be willing to review ideas for event content or get involved with delivering sessions.
How much time will it take up? For programme development, a few hours ad hoc (possibly a half day if you get involved with planning for a larger conference).

For presenting or moderating at an event, possibly a couple of days in all to prepare and plan your content.

What skills do I need? For programme development, a view on what topics are of particular interest to the audience.
Willingness to share your knowledge and experience with an audience.
Although presenting can seem daunting, many people find that using ACT events to ‘practice’ at gives them greater confidence in their day job (and also raises their profile).

Involvement in The Treasurers’ Forum

The Treasurers’ Forum supports the ACT by providing insights into current market conditions in response to specific queries raised by regulators and other key influencers. The Forum is an email group, to which very short (two or three questions generally) surveys are distributed on average once a month.

The survey subject matters may be fairly general, such as asking for feedback on market conditions, or very specific, such as asking about risk management activity or on payments technology and members of the forum respond on those topics that they have a view.

Policy and Technical ad-hoc support

If you would like to join our volunteer network please get in touch with the areas of specialism or interest you have so that we can call upon your knowledge on an ad-hoc basis. If you have a 'hot topic' you think we should be covering email us directly at volunteer@treasurers.org

Membership team

The membership team support your professional journey. We provide resources and opportunities at all stages, giving you what you need to grow your personal networks and move your career forward.

Help sought in the Membership area

Treasury Network ambassadors

What’s involved? To act as the advocate for members within a treasury network in a specific region. They look after and to co-ordinate group meetings and help develop the programme of events. You could also be asked to help secure a venue and possibly acting as the event chairperson.

How much time will it take up? When planning a treasuyr network meeting you would need to spend a few hours helping to develop the programme. On the day of the event you would need to attend in person and depending on the format you may be asked to chair. Co-ordination with the ACT is done remotely (by email) and there is no need to attend meetings at the ACT in person.

What skills do I need? A willingness to come up with ideas for events and network with members in the area.

Member event hosts

What’s involved? To provide a venue for a member event or meeting.

How much time will it take up? Approx 1-2 hours per meeting. Co-ordinating the venue can be done remotely (by email).

What skills do I need? No skills, just a large meeting room, boardroom or space which would be available to use in the evening (6pm – 8pm) or possibly at lunchtime (12-2) and which could hold approx. 40 people (up to 80 in London).

Professional Standards team

The professional standards team are responsible for upholding the ACT standards. This is achieved through maintaining the qualifications and assessments, syllabi, exemptions pathways, accredited university agreements and approved centre agreements.

Help sought in the Professional Standards area

Disciplinary pool members

What’s involved? To work with other members of a disciplinary pool and have responsibility for the implementation of the ACT’s Disciplinary Rules.

How much time will it take up? You will only be asked to sit on a panel when the need arises and the panel members will be rotated to ensure an even distribution of cases. Potentially you will be asked to sit on a panel once or twice a year. The time commitment will depend on the case and there may be a need for you to come to the ACT’s office, although the majority of your involvement can be done via the telephone and email. We will provide guidance for all members who join the disciplinary pool.

What skills do I need? Although it may be helpful if you have had some prior involvement with handling disciplinary matters in the workplace or for other bodies, what really matters is that your personal values include a strong sense of fairness, independence and support for professional and ethical standards. In order that the pool reflects today’s membership body, we encourage the involvement of members from diverse backgrounds and at different stages of their career. Non-members are also welcome to apply to provide lay member input.


From time to time we also need contributors to the assessment process. Please email Janet Legge on jlegge@treasurers.org if you are interested.

Student calling scheme

We want to ensure we are providing maximum support and the best advice to our student members in helping them to successfully complete their qualifications and achieve their career aspirations. As advocates of the ACT, current treasury practitioners can provide additional help and guidance to students, enabling them to receive an extra level of support.

Our student calling scheme consists of members calling students. As a minimum we are looking for a commitment time of an hour a month.

If you are interested in taking part in the student calling scheme please contact Nisha Sampat, nsampat@treasurers.org for more information

Would you like to help in another way?

If you would like to volunteer but are not interested in the above vacancies please get in touch at volunteer@treasurers.org as we have other opportunities available.

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