Leading online liquidity tool comes to Europe

EU treasurers have a new weapon in their technological armoury with expansion of cutting-edge reporting software

A digital platform that grants treasurers enhanced flexibility and detail on liquidity decisions has finally made it to Europe.

Developed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) for its corporate clients, CashPro Invest provides not just a user-friendly means of investment execution, but extensive research and reporting capabilities for mutual funds.

Positioned as the leading investment product solution for daily liquidity needs, CashPro Invest is fully integrated with BofAML’s earlier CashPro Online corporate banking portal. The tool enables clients to:

  • View investment account balances;
  • Research and compare money-market mutuals;
  • View and download transaction histories and other reports; and
  • Customise controls to support the company’s investment policy.

BofAML’s European clients are also able to enter investment orders for money market funds right across the currency spectrum. The geographical expansion of CashPro Invest is its first since the bank developed the system for US treasurers.

BofAML’s EMEA head of global transaction services, Jennifer Boussuge, said: “The addition of CashPro Invest to our CashPro Online portal is an important enhancement for our clients in the region.

“Now, it is easier and simpler for our clients to stay connected with us for making their routine transactions, checking and analysing their transaction history and doing research to help develop strategy for future transactions.”

Her colleague, Greg Kavanaugh, head of global core cash management at the bank, added: “Through CashPro Invest, our clients in Europe can now more easily execute investment orders, using the same sign-in and navigation they already are familiar with using CashPro Online.

“With this service, our clients have the critical, timely information they need to manage their investment decisions, and a streamlined process to place current or future-dated orders.”

CashPro Invest is primarily used by clients of BofAML’s Global Liquidity Investment Solutions (GLIS) group – a team of highly experienced, consultative investment specialists who can provide end-to-end liquidity and investment solutions.

The GLIS team recently expanded into Europe with the opening of an office in London.

Take a virtual tour of CashPro Invest at the BofA Merrill website.

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