Middle East Treasurer Summer 2014

When carving out your career path, there can be pressure to make the ‘right’ choice, whichever field you happen to be in. Of course, there is arguably no such thing as the ‘right’ choice; there is just the choice that seems the right one to make right now, taking into account where you are in your career, your personal circumstances and your long-term aspirations.

Having said that, most successful people would claim that being able to spot a good opportunity when they see one has played a pivotal role in their career. This is certainly the case for our cover star Edward Collis, corporate treasurer of Saudi Arabian heavy machinery supplier Zahid Tractor.

In our profile interview starting on page 6, he argues that it is precisely by seizing opportunities to do something different, and by pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, that you are most likely to grow and develop as a professional.

Since treasurers should always have one eye on their professional development, we look at the topic of influencing skills in this issue of the Middle East Treasurer. Heed the advice of ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, by applying the principles of ethos, logos and pathos to the way you do business. Your own powers of persuasion may surprise you. Turn to page 18 to find out more.

The Middle East is renowned for its extensive investment in infrastructure, so we take a look at the revival in project finance (on page 10) and the role of export credit agencies in supporting development (on page 12). We also consider how the growth of south-south trade has changed the trade landscape in the years since the global financial crisis, on page 14.

Finally, we are proud to bring you some interesting research on the treasury profession regarding strategy and technology. To see our analysis, turn to pages 5 and 16.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Middle East Treasurer.

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