The Treasurer June/July 2018

It is the time of year when members and treasury professionals from around the globe converge on the ACT's flagship Annual Conference. This year's speaker line-up includes Sir Ivan Rogers, former UK permanent representative to the EU, providing insights from his front-line vantage point on UK-EU relations from before and after the referendum vote to leave the EU. Also providing must-attend keynote presentations are Dave Coplin, a former chief envisioning officer at Microsoft UK, and researcher and author David Meade, who combines an interest in psychology with consumer behaviour. These speakers, plus a wide-ranging technical programme, cover the spectrum from the ever-changing political and economic backdrop, technological innovation and professional development. You'll find those issues reflected in the coming pages of The Treasurer. On page 34 we look at blockchain - applications that are soon to be delivered as well as some already on stream, while on page 24, we take a detailed look at economic forecasts. Our profile interviewee for this edition, Joanne Bates, co-treasurer at Worldpay, is also a panellist at the ACT Annual Conference. As a treasurer within the payments industry, she clearly has an informed contribution to make to product and business development within her organisation. She is also a committed advocate when it comes to improving the representation of women in senior roles and a mentor to other members of staff. Our profile of Bates can be found on page 16. To coincide with the conference, the ACT has also released findings from its annual Business of Treasury report. An analysis of the views of treasurers from the UK, the EU, Middle East, North America and Africa, this year's survey confirms treasurers' evolution within their organisations from finance specialist to strategic adviser across a broadening range of issues. Evidence abounds in the report that treasurers are extending their reach and influence within the organisations right up to the boardroom. As business professionals, you can never put too much thought into your professional networks and development. So, in this issue, we look at two important and related issues. On page 42, we unlock the subject of leadership and how individuals can create value by embracing rather than labouring under the complexity and contradiction within our work and wider professional networks. On page 44, we set out how and why treasurers can extend their reach and influence by building a meaningful and relevant social media presence. I hope you enjoy the issue. -Liz Loxton, editor of The Treasurer

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