The Treasurer March 2004

The two months since the turn of the year have seen frenetic activity at Ocean House. The editorial team put the final touches to our highly-respected Deals of the Year feature in the January/February issue, at the same time as signing off The Treasurer’s Handbook and the ACT Directory. The events team have their usual run of events but this year also have major task of putting together The Treasurers’ Conference at Celtic Manor, starting on 22nd March.

The Treasurers’ Conference has a number of keynote speakers from the world of finance, as well as a very good representation of ‘real’ treasurers who are prepared to pass on their experience and offer practical advice – page 24 includes a list of the leading speakers. The Conference also covers a variety of topical subjects, including IAS 39, Pensions, Ratings, Technology, Convertibles, Private Placements and ‘the circles of hell’ – not the little round holes which the golfers will be trying to putt into on day one, but a session on how to manage treasury through difficult circumstances. The format is varied, with a mix of presentations, panel discussions, roundtables and breakout sessions. If you want to know more, see page 22 or the insert with this edition, alternatively go online to

By the time this issue lands on your desk, members should have received their Treasurer’s Handbook and ACT Directory. The Handbook goes from strength to strength: we have added five jurisdictions to the Country Guides, bringing the total to 46; there are additional articles on key areas such as Risk Management, Pensions, Mergers & Acquisitions, Liquidity Management and the Strategic Role of Treasury. I would strongly recommend that you take the time to see the wealth of practical ideas and technical advice that the Handbook provides.

For those of you who are regularly in touch with your fellow members, don’t forget that the most up-to-date contact information is available online at If you have not had your copy of the Handbook or Directory, please contact Anna McGee, Member Services Manager, at

I hope to catch many of you at The Treasurers’ Conference – if you have any issues with the magazine or the Handbook, I would be happy to listen.


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