The Treasurer March 2005

A new qualification for the evolving treasury profession

The ACT has launched a radical development of its professional qualifications, the result of three years’ work by a team of people from both within the ACT and external experts (members and non-members). All of us at the ACT are very excited that we are ready and on target to announce the new AMCT qualification.

We looked carefully at how the role of those working in and around treasury, risk and corporate finance has evolved – leading to an increasingly broad view of what it should mean to hold a treasury qualification from the ACT. After some initial market testing, we undertook an investment programme based on a set of strong educational and project management disciplines; this has allowed us to produce professional learning materials written by experts, with intensive peer review and a consistent look and feel.

We saw the need for a qualification that reflected this broadening role of the treasury profession – providing choice for candidates, whilst ensuring that the core disciplines associated with treasury remained central. So the new modular qualification offers separate papers in liquidity, risk and corporate finance but also allows candidates to elect to take a paper in financial risk mathematics. The latter will be offered as a standalone certificate, building on the model of the ACT’s Certificate in International Cash Management (Cert ICM), which is a global success and has become the benchmark qualification in this field.

It was important for us to provide a path into ACT membership for all those who have already taken Cert ICM; this will now count as an eligible module for AMCT.We are actively working on further potential certificates to reflect the treasury interest in areas such as pensions and governance.We urge you to visit to stay abreast of all the latest developments.

The new AMCT qualification is the outcome of what is by far the largest investment programme ever undertaken by the ACT. It offers rewritten material for all the papers, prepared in a way that will facilitate future updating and the support of e-learning.We are confident that AMCT is an excellent foundation on which our professional qualifications can continue to be developed and will substantially strengthen our international appeal and reputation.

For more information see the special report on AMCT on page 16.

Chief Executive

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