The Treasurer November 2001

Keep in touch

It has been a while now (it must be at least two months!) since I last harangued readers of The Treasurer about how you should be keeping in touch and letting us know what you think about treasury issues. This is a very important part of the editorial process, as well as being vital to other aspects of the Association’s work, such as technical and conferences.

There are a number of areas in which Helen Wilkinson, the Association’s new Technical Director, would like your views and input (see Hotline, page 10). Helen deals with issues which will affect treasury for years to come – it is vital that she has as much feedback and member involvement as possible.

In terms of the magazine’s editorial, I rely heavily on the Editorial and Publications committee for advice and suggestions; the treasury expertise available in-house with David Creed, Caroline Bradley and Helen Wilkinson, is crucial. I also get plenty of proposals from banks, consultants and other suppliers, which are always welcome.

However, the really interesting stories are those from ‘real’ corporate treasurers who are at the leading edge of treasury practice, whether within a large or small corporate. I want these stories and case studies to be read and discussed in The Treasurer, and am happy to explore whatever options work best from the contributor’s point of view. It is not necessary to spend hours writing an article – we are increasingly using freelance journalists who can do an interview. I am also open to suggestions for technical or academic articles.

And to those of you who volunteered via this summer’s member survey to contribute in some way, you have not been forgotten – I can assure you that I will be in touch soon!

I would also remind readers of other ways in which you can contribute: the letters pages is open to all, we can run opinion pieces, and from this month, a discussion forum is open on the ACT’s website, ACT Online:
This month’s Spotlight on Treasury Technology will raise a number of important issues which are particularly relevant online, FX trading and raising finance, and if you want to have your own say, you can go online and/or email me at

Managing Editor

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