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ACT members and students can access Renovo’s career resources, with some content available free of charge and coaching programmes available at a 20% discount.

Read the insights available on a range of topics including ‘5 common interview questions’, ‘The importance of conducting a self-analysis', ‘How to move in to a different sector or industry’ and many others. To read these insights and news items:


Renovo career coaching

Career coaching can help you with your current job, establish your professional goals, and aid you in making a career change. The purpose of a career coach is to give you advice to help you in your career development or to give extra help to work towards a new skill that will help you advance in your current role. The overall goal of a career coach is to set you on your way to a more fulfilling work life.

As an ACT member or student you can access career coaching and job search support through Renovo. We have negotiated for ACT members and students to receive a 20% discount on Renovo’s coaching programmes.


What support is available?

Renovo deliver practical, flexible and cost effective careers and job search support, helping you to find your way in the modern job market and secure the right opportunity. Over 82% of people that they work with achieve a positive outcome within 90 days.


Discounted career coaching

While you have access to a wealth of online resources through the Career Hub, you may feel you need the additional support of a personalised career coach to help find and secure that right opportunity. Renovo can build a coaching package around your needs but some typical areas where they can help you would be to:

  • Evaluate your career options and identify your key skills - Understand what employers want to see and how to sell yourself
  • Build a powerful CV that will get you noticed and support with individual applications
  • Bring structure to your job search, make the best use of online job boards and tap into the ‘hidden’ job markets
  • Transform your interview performance

For more information and a better understanding of how the support can help, speak to Chris Parker at Renovo on 0800 612 2011 or email


Case study: Gill Rowe, FCT

Gill’s experience of using Renovo and her tips for using the website and career coach service.

What was your experience with the career coach and what value did this provide?

The first couple of sessions were used to discuss my CV in detail and my LinkedIn profile in particular. We then fell into a routine of talking every week on the phone: reviewing the progress over the last week and setting targets for the next week. This kept me focussed on the important jobs I needed to do as it is easy to get sidetracked into other things and lose your concentration!

How did you use the career management portal?

I used different sections of the website for different aspects of my search. The website was quite easy to use and I could find the information I needed quickly.

The information guides helped me to prepare for interview questions and cold calling approaches. The CV building information was also very useful – in particular the examples of letters to write and CV styles were good at illustrating different approaches – enabling you to make up your mind on your personal style.

The company research section was invaluable in pulling together all the key information I needed to know about a possible employer. The news section was really useful as it gave me some interesting articles to look at that did not come up very early on in a Google search.

I only watched a few of the videos on different areas but those I did watch were clear and gave some good pointers. There were also numerous articles and questions to help you to think about what you wanted out of your job search - I did not really use these but if you were unsure about what you wanted these would have been useful in getting you started.

How did you use the career management portal?

For me one of the key benefits was having someone experienced and independent who could support me in making my decisions. This included having someone I could trust to discuss who, and how, to approach opportunities and to help me make decisions about job offers. My coach was a very good sounding board; questioning assumptions and ideas so that it aided me in making up my mind. She had a useful range of experiences from other candidates to share which helped put things in perspective. She also kept my spirits up when I needed it and set me achievable goals.

Would you recommend Renovo to colleagues?

I would recommend this service to others who find themselves looking for a new role. Sometimes you just need to take advice from someone who is in the recruitment market but who is not a recruitment agent. I think that this is really helpful especially if it has been a while since you were looking in the jobs market or if you are not sure what you want.

Do you have any tips on how to get the best out of this service?

My tip for success is to use the elements of the service that fit you - this might be the career coach or the CV writing and advice or it might be different types of interview technique. If you use the career coach feel free to discuss all the things that are important to you in a new role - the coach can really help you decide how important they are and also whether they are realistic.

What has been the outcome?

I am now working as an Interim Treasury Manager on a three month contract with Companion Care Vets / Vets4Pets following which I am excited about a new permanent role as Head of Treasury for WSH, the largest independent provider of food and hospitality services.

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