Brexit 2016 - a post-referendum checklist for treasurers

On June 23 2016, the people of the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU) and as a result, the UK (and to a lesser extent Europe) has entered a period of considerable uncertainty whilst the exit is negotiated.

This briefing note provides a 22 point checklist of those areas corporate treasurers may wish to consider as they develop their plans for managing thorough a period of uncertainty. It has been purposely developed as a checklist of questions and considerations in order to provide a handy reference tool for all members of the treasury team and more widely.

Many of the actions that the treasurer will need to take (or at least consider) will be as a result of actions taken in other parts of the organisation and it is therefore essential that the treasurer remains closely involved in all discussions to understand the effect on treasury activities of decisions taken elsewhere in the organisation.

This briefing note follows on from Brexit 2016 - a treasurer's checklist issued in March 2016, prior to the UK referendum as well as blogs already published on and supports materials that may be found on our Brexit web page at

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