Cash Management Report 2019

Economic volatility and fast-paced change are still the norm - and they're fostering banking innovation.

The uncertain political and economic backdrop to our 2019 business lives has carried over into and shows no signs of lifting any time soon. Corporate treasurers continue to grapple with a veritable alphabet soup of regulatory measures. Meanwhile, the drive to improve processes goes on. 

If embraced appropriately, change can open the door to innovation. Open banking, for instance, is delivering a wealth of opportunities in our personal lives via retail banking. From September corporate treasurers stand to benefit in their business lives too, as banks work with aggregators to deliver an integrated overview of financial data, yielding greater insights.

While innovation promises a great deal, we understand that corporate treasurers are not necessarily looking for a vast array of new solutions. We at Barclays, as bank providers, are focused on the technological advances that help to add value, such as applying analytics capabilities to enable you to forecast positions and trends. 

The continued demands on you - your deepening role as strategic advisers, for instance - bring challenges and pressures, as well as opportunities. As service providers, it is incumbent on us to ensure that we assist you in meaningful ways. What I overwhelmingly hear from clients today is that no matter what they are dealing with - the challenges they're facing or the impact the regulatory framework is having on their business - what they need from their banks is for us to focus on their journey with us as a client. 

As corporate treasurers, what you rightly demand is a simple set of transaction services with the option of self-service, seamless transfer of data between website and mobile devices, and the ability to view balances and conduct transactions while you're online or on the move. And, because human interaction cements our relationship, you want to be able to reach your relationship manager when you need to. 

What follows is a detailed report on the ACT Cash Management Conference, which we were delighted to sponsor once again, sharing many insights into cash management issues. 

Karen Braithwaite Global Head of Transaction Banking, Barclays


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