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The power of a good mentoring relationship

At the start of the new year we often set ourselves resolutions but somehow by the end of January we became overloaded with the demands of every-day life and the resolutions fall by the wayside. 

Having a mentor could mean the difference between you finally achieving your resolutions. By entering a mentoring relationship you will be encouraged to set time aside to work with your mentor; analysing where you currently are, identifying your strengths and the opportunities that you can build on, overcoming weaknesses and threats, setting clear goals and planning a route to achieve those goals.

In fact, studies have shown that having a mentor gives you a 20% higher chance of getting promoted and three out of four employees said mentoring had helped their career development.

Having an experienced, trusted supporter to give you valuable advice and help you realise your biggest career, business or life goals is invaluable.  Mentoring is all about the transfer of knowledge, experience and skills. The goal of the mentor is to help the mentee realise maximum potential in their career, business or life in general.

A Great Mentor:

•    Listens to the mentee’s plans, goals, challenges and acts as a sounding board.

•    Provides respectful input and constructive criticism on the mentee’s aspirations, decision-making process and behaviour.

•    Is a source of encouragement and support during difficult times and setbacks.

•    Encourages independent decision making.

•    Challenges the mentee to push beyond their comfort zone.

•    Facilitates connections and career opportunities for the mentee through networking and access to resources.

•    Shares experiences and will offer specific advice.

Mentoring isn’t a one-way street with just the mentee benefitting. Becoming a mentor can be a valuable experience for the mentor too: 

You will connect with other finance professionals. Through your mentoring role, you will not only be passing on the knowledge you have gained along your journey, but also learning from the mentee as they may have a different perspective to you. If they are younger, they may also connect in very different ways as expose you to different working patterns and innovations.

You may be seen as a thought leader. The act of being a mentor instills confidence. Adding a mentoring role to your CV will reinforce your thought leadership and subject matter expertise status.

You will cultivate your management skillset. Learning how to communicate, engage, and teach diverse individuals will improve your relevance in the workplace.

Mentorship takes commitment but the results for both the mentor and the mentee can be life-changing. Make 2020 the year that you finally achieve your New Year resolutions – with the help of the Mentor Me mentoring programme.

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