Cash Management videos: the conference sessions in full

Caroline Stockmann, ACT Chief Executive, opened the conference and introduced Henk Potts, Market Strategist at Barclays who looks at the economic impacts of COVID-19 and implications for the future

The future of cash management in the 2020s


Enhancing cyber-security and tackling fraud in the remote working environment

Case study: efficient and timely cash forecasting: learnings from 2020

The importance of cash management during the crisis: the impact of the pandemic

On the second day of the conference, Caroline Stockmann introduced a discussion on the changing payment landscape

APIs: a solution looking for a problem?


The need for treasurers to embrace FX automation

TMS evolution and multi-bank and payments connectivity

The third thread of the conference focused on changing parameters for treasury, including the transition from LIBOR

Central bank digital currencies: The future of money?

Case study: cash management structures: effectively utilising virtual accounts

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